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ESV Endorsements

“I thank God for the ESV. It combines up-to-date accuracy in the text and absolute faithfulness to the words of Scripture with a literary skill and beauty in the translation which, in my judgment, is unsurpassed.”
Eric J. Alexander
Retired Pastor, St. George’s-Tron Parish Church, Scotland

“The ESV is a great translation. Our whole church has switched to the ESV, and we gave a free copy of the ESV Outreach New Testament to everyone in my congregation. I think the ESV will be the Bible of choice in America before too long.”
Justin Anderson
Lead Pastor, Praxis Church, Tempe, Arizona

“The wait is over!… I am thrilled to finally possess a translation that excels for serious study, devotional reading, Scripture memorization, and the preaching/teaching event. The ESV truly is a Bible for all of life.”
Yancey Arrington
Teaching Pastor, Clear Creek Community Church

“The ESV promises to be true to its name: the English Standard Version for the coming generation. It is a careful rendering that captures and communicates the sense of the original biblical text and does so in flowing modern English…. Well done!”
Dr. S. M. Baugh
Associate Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“I am throughly enjoying the ESV Literary Study Bible—how it presents the master story of the Bible, shows how each book fits into that, tells the reader what's coming, etc. I predict it will breath new life into the devotional reading (and in-depth study) of all who read it.”
David L. Bea
Attorney at Law, Chicago, Illinois

“At last a translation that majors on accuracy, combined with a modern, fluent style. I am confident that in time the ESV will become the standard translation for the English-speaking world.”
The Rt. Rev. Wallace Benn
Bishop of Lewes, England

“I fell in love with the ESV and made it my primary Bible version, not only because it’s an incredible Bible translation with incredible accuracy and amazing readability, but also because it's so widely accessible. Their website is by far one of my favorite websites. I can read the ESV on my screen, adjusting the font-size on a whim or click on an audio link to listen to any chapter in a variety of formats. Furthermore, they have great support…. Amazing…”
David Betz

“The ESV is a solid translation… that is faithful to the text and clear to the mind and ear. It is a pleasure to commend it.”
Dr. Darrell L. Bock
Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“The ESV embodies both word-for-word exactness and easy readability. It has quickly become my primary Bible for both personal use and public teaching.”
Jerry Bridges
Author, The Pursuit of Holiness

“I am so impressed with the clarity, beauty, and power of the ESV that I feel that I am reading the Bible again for the first time. From now on the ESV will be my Bible of choice. I simply don’t have the words to say how thankful I am for the ESV, its faithfulness to the original, and its beauty.”
Steve Brown
Professor of Preaching, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

“The ESV has transformed my personal reading of Scripture. My private Bible study has been so much better since I changed over to the ESV. Readable, theologically accurate—the ESV is surely the Bible for our times.”
Christopher Catherwood
Author and Speaker, Cambridge, England

“After preaching out of the same version for over 10 years, I switched to the ESV Bible. I find it both accurate and easily readable, which is a rare combination.”
Francis Chan
Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley, CA

“I appreciate deeply the evident commitment to the absolute truth of Scripture, and the willingness of these scholars to yield to the Spirit rather than bend to the wind of cultural trends.”
Dr. Bryan Chapell
President, Covenant Theological Seminary

“As I read and reread the entire ESV, I continue to be very impressed. It is my constant companion as I travel across Russia and the world. When I am with English speaking audiences, the ESV is the version from which I preach and teach.”
Roy Christians
National Director, Campus Crusade for Christ Russia

“A huge improvement over all so-called ‘dynamic’ translations. It is very usable for serious Bible study and teaching.”
Dr. Jack Cottrell
Professor of Theology, Cincinnati Bible Seminary

“There is nothing more precious to the believer than the Bible. God’s message of love and redemption in Christ, His promises and admonitions, His precepts and teachings for our benefit are beyond compare. As a speaker and writer… I want a translation that is faithful to the very words of God since they carry the very message of God to His people. I have found that in the English Standard Version Bible.”
Vicki Courtney
Speaker and Writer

“Having now read through the ESV several times in my personal devotional life, I have adopted it as the primary text for my teaching and writing ministry. I appreciate… the ESV [because it] retains theological terminology that is at the heart of the Christian faith and exercises care and precision in the translation of nuances and gender language, so as to preserve a text that is as faithful as possible to the original. By the same token, the translators have maintained clarity and literary excellence, making this an accessible translation for modern readers. My hope is that the ESV will draw millions of people into the reading and study of God’s Word and into a more intimate relationship with the God of the Word.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Author, Host of Revive Our Hearts radio

“I've been using the ESV for my personal study since it was released. Then I began to preach from it. Then our congregation switched over to it. I hope others will do the same. The ESV is the simply the best translation for combining accuracy, readability, and fidelity to the rich history of English Bible translation. I thank God for the ESV and pray that it will be the new standard in English Bibles for years to come.”
Kevin DeYoung
Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, MI

“If we’re going to take God’s Word to heart and really apply it to our everyday lives, we need to have the confidence that the translation we’ve chosen is accurate and authentic—true to the original! The ESV is just such a translation.”
Christin Ditchfield
Author, Founder and President, Take It To Heart Ministries

“The ESV is a great word for word translation that is a tremendous gift to Bible students and teachers. I am thankful to my friends at Crossway for the investment they have made to the kingdom by giving us the ESV.”
Mark Driscoll
Preaching Pastor, Mars Hill Church
President, the Acts 29 Church Planting Network

“I am delighted to express my great appreciation for the English Standard Version. As soon as I started using the ESV I realized what a treasure it is. I have recently adopted this as my preferred translation for personal Bible study and as the basis of the seminary courses that I teach. (I write this as someone who has been using [another translation] for the past twenty-five years—and as someone who never expected to make such a change.)”
Dr. Kendell H. Easley
Chairman, Department of New Testament and Greek, Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary

“The ESV has been my primary Bible for study and devotion over the past three years. I like it best because it gives me a close sense of what the original says.”
Ajith Fernando
National Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka
Bible Teacher and Author

“I have been preaching from the ESV for the last year and find it to be a powerful text, which accurately and beautifully communicates with this generation of believers.”
Dr. Jack Graham
Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

“My ESV is now thoroughly marked and well worn. The translation safeguards essential accuracy while maintaining a style that is both fluid and beautiful.”
Steve Green
Steve Green Ministries

“I absolutely love the ESV Bible. And since I began preaching from the ESV every week, our people love it too. As I see it, the ESV has it all—accuracy, literary flow, beauty, dignity. It’s wonderful for reading, preaching, studying, and memorizing. More and more I’m finding that people who love to dig into the Scripture love the ESV.”
Dr. Thurman R. Hayes, Jr.
Senior Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Yorktown, Virginia

“The ESV is, I believe, the most accurate English translation of the Bible ever completed. I rely on it myself for classroom study, for my own devotional reading, and for leading family worship. Those who choose the ESV can be sure they are reading the very Word of God.”
Daniel R. Heimbach
Professor of Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a student and teacher, I am grateful for the scholarly precision and linguistic beauty of the ESV. It is helpful for personal study and for teaching.”
Susan Hunt
Author and Teacher

“I love the ESV! Though a long-time and loyal user of [another translation], I’ve made the switch. The ESV’s word-for-word faithfulness to the original manuscripts assures me that the Scriptures that touch my life today are the very words inspired by God.”
Tina Jacobson
President and CEO, The B & B Media Group, Inc., The Barnabas Agency

“I am enthusiastic about the ESV. It has become the translation I use most often…. The English of the ESV is both familiar and dignified, … [which] makes the ESV especially useful in the liturgy of the church and for memorization. It has become the first translation that I turn to in my devotional life and in my work as a preacher of the Word of God.”
Rev. W. Clay Knick
Pastor, Hopewell United Methodist Church, Dry Fork, Virginia

“Our preaching team chose the ESV for its accuracy and clarity and we are recommending it to the entire congregation.”
John Lindell
Senior Pastor, James River Assembly, Ozark, Missouri

“The ESV is my translation of choice. I use it both for my personal study and when I preach and teach… It is the primary translation we use in the worship services at our church… I love it because of the translators’ commitment to accuracy and it’s very readable… My walk with the Lord and my ministry have been enriched and blessed through this wonderful translation.”
Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
Author, Speaker, Radio Host
Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, Georgia

“Meticulous care and passionate research make the ESV a crisp, accurate, and valuable translation.”
Max Lucado
Minister, Oak Hills Church of Christ

“The ESV beautifully blends good, contemporary English with reverence and accuracy.”
Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
Senior Pastor, Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois

“After twenty years of teaching God’s Word and changing translations I have found at last, by God’s grace, a translation that is easy to read and immensely accurate. The ESV is the new first choice for serious students and careful communicators of God’s unchanging Word.”
James MacDonald
Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

“The ESV is the text I have been waiting for my entire life. I appreciate greatly both its fluency of language and its lucidity of expression, thanks to the brilliant work of the translation team. We owe them a very great debt.”
Rev. Ranald Macaulay
L’Abri Fellowship

“Reading the ESV’s purity and cadence of the classically satisfying text gave me more and more enjoyment. At the same time, the meaning came over clearly and with force, with the literary beauty of the text expressed in clear language for today.”
Mrs. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
L’Abri Fellowship

“I’m so grateful for a translation that I can trust for its accuracy and enjoy for its clarity. This is the Bible for our entire family.”
Carolyn Mahaney
Author and Speaker, Covenant Life Church

“The ESV is a one-of-a-kind translation of the Bible. It is top-rate and reads with fluidity, accuracy, and visual appeal. It bridges the needs of student, scholar, and an emerging generation of men and women who want nothing less than trusted resources, especially when it comes to the Bible.”
Christopher Meade, Ph.D.
Lead Pastor, GraceChapel.com
President, LeadershipAlive.com
Adjunct Professor, George Fox University Boise

“We are very excited about the ESV Bible. I have been using it for public reading and preaching since it was first published. We love it, and our elders agreed that this is the finest translation available. It is a joy to see families and the whole church using the ESV Bible in public worship.”
Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“The ESV represents a new level of excellence in Bible translations—combining unquestionable accuracy in translation with a beautiful style of expression. It is faithful to the text, easy to understand, and a pleasure to read. This is a translation you can trust.”
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Elegant in every way, the ESV is certain to take its place as one of the finest translations in the grand tradition of the English Bible. Scholars will appreciate the care and nuance of the translation, pastors will appreciate the cadence and rhythm of the text, and all who read it will appreciate the craftsmanship of this richly textured version. It has become my version of choice.”
Stephen J. Nichols
Professor, Lancaster Bible College

“The great strength of the ESV is first and foremost that it allows readers to trust the words to be the Word of God. I delight to find a clear, beautiful translation that allows me to get as close as possible to the actual words God inspired.”
Dr. Kathleen Buswell Nielson
Author, English Professor

“The ESV shows exactly what the original says—and with elegance of style! I welcome its publication with enthusiasm.”
Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr.
Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee

“I recommend the ESV as the best literal translation for Bible study in my hermeneutics class and in Bible study seminars. Congratulations on a job well done.”
Dr. Grant R. Osborne
Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois)

“The ESV is… fresh, readable, and accurate! I use it and recommend it to my students.”
Dorothy Kelley Patterson
Author and Professor

“For our churches and pulpits, as well as for our students, it is critically important to have a Bible translation that does not compromise orthodox theology or gender issues, and that is both faithful to the languages of the text and eminently readable. The ESV uniquely fulfills that prescription.”
Dr. Paige Patterson
President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Excellent job. I find the ESV faithful to the original Greek and Hebrew texts, yet in a very readable format. I am recommending the ESV to my students and faculty.”
Dr. Brett Peterson
President, Coastland University

“We are building all our future ministry around the ESV…. The ESV satisfies the preaching, memorizing, studying, and reading needs of our church, from children to adults.”
John Piper
Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The ESV is as accurate as the NASB, but reads as well as the classic RSV. It is culturally sensitive to the writer’s intent while written in modern English. It is correct without being politically correct.”
Dr. John Mark Reynolds
Director of the Torrey Honors Institute and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Biola University

“The ESV is a joy to read. I appreciate especially its clear, concise accuracy, expressed in reverent, readable style, making the ESV ideal for preaching and personal Bible study.”
Dr. Robert S. Ricker
Former President, Baptist General Conference

“The ESV is what I’ve wanted for myself and my church for twenty-five years—one Bible we can all read, study, memorize, and give to our children.”
Dr. Joseph F. (Skip) Ryan
Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas

“We use the English Standard Version as our church Bible because we are passionate about God’s Word—every last word of it—and because we want our children to have the best available translation for reading, teaching, preaching, memorizing, and serious Bible study.”
Dr. Philip Graham Ryken
Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I believe the ESV is the Bible of the future. It is readable, accurate, and reverent.”
Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner
Professor of New Testament, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Personally, I use the ESV Bible every day. It is the version I quote in academic papers; it is the version I recommend to my seminary students. Once the RSV was removed, I looked for and found its sequel in the ESV.”
Dr. Victor Shepherd
Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Tyndale Seminary (Ontario, Canada)

“The translation is outstanding. The ESV achieves a new standard in accurate Bible translations for our day.”
Dr. R. C. Sproul
Chairman, Ligonier Ministries

“I use the ESV in my writing and speaking ministry. It is highly readable and combines word-for-word accuracy with beauty, clarity, and depth.”
Nancy Stafford
Author and Speaker

“… the ESV makes an important contribution of trueness to the text and readability.”
Dr. Joseph M. Stowell
President, Cornerstone University

“I highly recommend the English Standard Version to you.”
Joni Eareckson Tada
Founder and President, Joni and Friends

“With the myriad of new Bible translations on the market today, few stand out. The ESV is one of the few, and surpasses the others in its simple yet elegant style. In many respects the ESV has accomplished in the 21st century what the KJV accomplished in the 17th: a trustworthy, literary Bible that is suitable for daily reading, memorizing, and preaching.”
Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

“An excellent translation that can be trusted.”
Dr. John F. Walvoord
Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

“The English Standard Version, by all odds, is the most readable and cogent translation of the Bible today. It is exquisite in literary style, conducive to memorization, and easy to comprehend.”
Tetsunao Yamamori
International Director, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

“In translation philosophy and original-language fidelity, for many settings the ESV surpasses all other English language translations.”
Dr. Robert W. Yarbrough
New Testament Chair, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“I have been using the ESV Bible for study and teaching since it came out. I think it’s the best overall translation available. It is thoroughly readable, accurate, and trustworthy, with excellent cross references.”
The Rev. John Yates, II
Rector, The Falls Church, Falls Church, Virginia

“Retaining the majesty of language with the clarity of thought, the English Standard Version is a grand accomplishment.”
Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Author and Speaker