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ESV “Truth” Edition and RSS Memory Plan Available

ESV Truth BibleCrossway just published its “Truth” edition of the ESV. This paperback Bible is designed especially for non-Christians and new Christians; it drives readers to the ultimate truth of God’s Word. It has the following features:

  • The Truth About Truth introduction to the Bible
  • How to Read the Bible
  • Favorite Bible passages
  • Topical index of key verses
  • Plan of salvation
  • Verses to memorize
  • Two Bible-reading plans
  • Full Bible text with text notes

OK, so you can get that information just from reading Crossway’s ads. We want to go beyond the marketing and give you the inside scoop. To that end, we offer you three goodies:

First, here’s a PDF (265K) of the introduction to Truth. It contains “A Good Place to Start,” “The Truth About Truth,” “How to Read the Bible,” “What the Bible Says About Truth” (favorite passages), “The Truth About…” (topical index), a Forty-Day Bible Reading Plan, and the Contents.

Second, we asked Justin Taylor, who did some work on this edition, to write a little bit about what he did. He has a longer post on his blog. Go read it. Here’s an excerpt about the Bible memory plan he developed:

There’s nothing fancy about it. It is simply 52 Bible passages, one for each week of the year. Each passage has a corresponding “truth,” providing a broad overview of some key topics of theology. For example, for each of the first 18 weeks you memorize an attribute of God. In week 19, you memorize a verse on the Trinity. Weeks 20-22 cover Christ’s threefold office. Weeks 23-28 deal with six attributes of Scripture. Weeks 29-41 cover soteriology, weeks 42-45 deal with eschatology and eternity, and weeks 46-49 deal with ecclesiology. Week 50 is on the New Covenant, week 51 is on the Great Commandments, and week 52 is on the Great Commission.

He also has a great quote from John Piper about the value of memorizing Scripture.

Third, we’re making an RSS feed of the memory plan available. The feed updates itself every day to help jog your memory throughout the week, and you get a new verse to memorize every Sunday. New Testament passages include mp3s so you can both hear and read the passages. As Justin mentions above, these passages cover many of the key doctrines of the Bible. You can also download a pdf (42K) of the memory plan.

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  1. Because of the conviction associated with yesterday’s post, I’ve added a weekly Bible memory passage from ESV to the right sidebar. To see the entire list of verses for the year, go here.

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  2. Ee1226203464107. I am the kinda gal that makes tons and tons of goals and lists. I analyze. I plot. I plan. I have great intentions for wonderful things. But . . . you see, I am a “SHE”–a Sidetracked Home Executive (and I don’t even

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  3. bible by diane leigh on flickr. About this time every year, I begin to search for a “read thru the Bible in a year” plan. As I was searching this year, I found some cool stuff. So, I thought I’d share it with you.

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  4. With a new year comes the opportunity (or desire) to read your Bible more. Here’s an overview of the ESV RSS feeds that Crossway offers. Use a feed reader like Bloglines to subscribe to these feeds and any others you want.

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