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Vern Poythress Discusses the Internet (Ask the Translators #1 Answer 3)

A Bible translation often obtains favor only in a narrow circle within the church and/or in certain denominational groups. It seems from the internet that a broader spectrum of Christians are being drawn to the ESV from different backgrounds. Are you encouraged by that?

Watch Vern Poythress respond (Windows Media).

One of the questions is whether the Internet has been a factor in the possibility of spreading the news about a translation, getting people aware of the qualities—particularly of the ESV.

I think it does make a difference, even though in the long run I would hope that people will adopt the ESV because of its superior accuracy and literary qualities, and that’s something that takes time for the church as a whole and individuals to judge. I think the Internet has resulted in there being a quickness of spread of some of the news. And, as I understand it, quite a few people, just individual bloggers and individual websites have said complimentary things about the ESV. And that helps other people to realize, “Oh, you know, this translation is out there. And I should take a look at it if other people are saying that it is accurate and its literary quality is good.”

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