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“Acts 9:31 and Church Growth”

“Styria” writes about the ESV: “But what I like best about the English Standard Version, which became clear as soon as I opened it, is that it is very good for properly dividing the Law and the Gospel.”

He then cites Acts 9:31 in two translations to illustrate his point and discusses why he thinks the ESV gets the translation right in this instance: “The ESV, on the other hand, uses the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to characterize the growing church. I don’t think it’s a long stretch to say that that means the Law and the Gospel….” Read the complete post.

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  1. Acts 9:31: ESV, NIV, and TNIV

    I commented on Styria’s re-post, saying:

    I think the NIV is attempting to say the same thing that the ESV does. The ESV makes it clearer what the two parts of the “means” of church growth are, as you nicely state.

    FWIW, this is a verse…

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