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New WordPress Plugin Using the ESV Web Service

Chris Roberts announces the availability of a WordPress plugin that pulls in the text of the ESV when you use markup to indicate a Scripture reference. It saves the passage in a database, so future references to the same passage don’t need to access the web service.

The plugin has two styles:

Using the markup like: [bible]John 3:16[/bible] allows a tooltip-style Scripture reference:

A tooltip appears when you move your mouse over the link

Using markup like [bibleblock]John 3:16[/bibleblock] results in a paragraph containing the text. You can style the paragraph however you like; we took these images from Chris’s website:

A paragraph containing the text of John 3:16 as supplied by the ESV web service

Installation is just like any other WordPress plugin–you install it into your plugins folder and activate it in your blog’s Administration section.

He’s released the code under the GPL, which means that you can tinker with it if you’re a developer.

Visit Chris’s site for more details and to download the plugin.

Update September 30, 2005: Chris writes that he’s posted an updated version of the plugin that fixes an incompatibility with Internet Explorer.

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