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ESV in Free Bible Software

Cameron Moore explores two free Bible software applications:

I started playing around with E-sword this week and have used the Sword Project in the past on a Linux platform. Both projects are free Bible applications that allow you to compare different translations and lookup Strong’s numbers and so on.

He then notes that the ESV is available for E-sword. Sword will soon have the ESV; we haven’t announced that tidbit anywhere yet.

We’ve found that people who read the ESV tend to like it, so we try not to create obstacles that prevent people from becoming acquainted with it. (Or, if they come from the KJV or RSV traditions, we’d say that they’re largely reacquainting themselves with an old friend.)

Of course, companies that charge for their software can devote resources to areas that free projects can’t–whether in interface innovation or in digitizing materials that would otherwise remain trapped in printed volumes.

Logos Bible Software has a blog that chronicles what “Bible geeks” get paid to do. (Logos produces the free CD-ROM that comes with many ESVs.) You can learn about a lot of ways to study your Bible just by following their blog. You don’t need to own Logos software to take advantage of all their tips.

Crossway maintains a list of other ESV electronic licensees.

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