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See the ESV and Greek Side-by-side at Zhubert.com

Zack Hubert’s created a website that lets you compare the Greek text of the Bible with several English translations, including the ESV. You can hover over any Greek word to get its English definition as well as its tense, voice, mood, etc. Clicking the word gives you additional information.

Screenshot of John 1:1-3 showing the definition of ‘logos’

He’s also developed a Flash-based interface that eliminates the need for page refreshes and provides a snappier response:

Screenshot of John 1:1-3 showing the definition of ‘Theos’ in the new interface

Other parts of the site let you create a translation of your own. And, of course, what modern Bible site is complete without a web service (this one for the Greek text of the Bible)? He even took the time to document what he’s done.)

Zack uses Crossway’s web service for the ESV text. His site is one type of application we hoped people would create when given access to the ESV text. Keep those ideas coming.

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