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Max McLean Audio Now Streamed from the ESV Online Edition

You can now hear Max McLean read passages from the entire ESV at the ESV Online Edition. (The current audio, read by Marquis Laughlin, only covers the New Testament.)

Here’s how to hear it:

  1. Go to the Options page at the ESV Online Edition.
  2. Choose either “Flash (read by Max McLean)” or “MP3 (read by Max McLean)” in the “Audio format” box and press the “Save” button.
  3. Search for a passage (for example, 1 Corinthians 13:8-13).
  4. Click the “Listen” link.

Thanks for the comments you made on our post where we asked for advice about audio formats. You persuaded us to offer the audio in both Flash and mp3 formats.

The audio is for streaming only, not for saving to your computer and playing on your iPod. Please buy the mp3s if you want to do that.

We recommend using Flash if you can (you need Flash 7 or higher). With the mp3s, you’ll hear a slight break between verses.

The audio is part of a beta test, meaning that Crossway may not have worked out all the bugs. Please let them know anonymously or by email if you encounter any problems.

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