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Add ESV Search to Your Google Toolbar

Google came out with a new, beta version of their toolbar for Internet Explorer two days ago (January 30, 2006). With this release comes the ability to add custom buttons to the toolbar. So we created an ESV button: enter a passage or words in the box and click the ESV button to search the ESV text.

Google Toolbar with an ESV button

Or highlight a word or phrase on any page you’re viewing, right-click it, and choose “ESV Bible” from the menu to search the ESV for that word or phrase. Use this feature on sites that don’t hyperlink Scripture references, for example.

ESV Bible option appears in context menu after highlighting a word on a page

How to Add the Search to Your Toolbar

  1. Install Version 4 of the Google Toolbar (now in beta). You’ll have to restart Internet Explorer.
  2. Come back to the ESV Blog and Just add the button to your toolbar. Your Google toolbar will automatically appear with the button installed.
  3. If necessary, press the “Add” button when the dialog box appears.
    Dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to add the button. Click the Add button to install it.

Not Using Internet Explorer on Windows?

We expect that Google will add this feature to their other toolbars in the future. In the meantime, check out our Firefox plugin and A9 integration.

More Information

Review other available buttons (including one from Logos Bible Software). Review the documentation to create a button yourself. See the simple XML file that powers our button.

Via Matt Cutts.

Update: Installing the beta toolbar with the button is actually much easier than we thought. Just click the link in step 2 above and everything will take care of itself. Thanks, Logos. (We didn’t see their post until after we’d written ours.)

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  1. ESV SEARCH BUTTON The new Google bar supports the addition of specialized buttons. The people at ESV.org have responded with a button that initiates a Bible search of the English Standard Version of the Bible.

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  2. I have not tried it yet, but apparently you can now add a ESV (English Standard Version) search to your Google Toolbar. This is not to be mistaken with the English Shatner Version of the Bible.

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  3. Wow – apparently those that use Internet Explorer are the elect…I never should have switched to Firefox. See here to see what I’m on about. Technorati Tags: Internet Explorer, Googlebar, ESV.

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  4. Thursday February 2, 2006. Giveaway: Monergismbooks is giving away a Premium ESV Calfskin Bible. That’s calfskin – they killed baby cows to make this Bible, and it can be yours! Du Jour: Ron Gleason posted a great little article to his

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  5. Add ESV Search to Your Google Toolbar.

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  6. Another feature of the Logos button for Google Toolbar that I overlooked in this morning’s post is that you can launch a search of the Logos.com site by right-clicking text at any other website instead of typing it into the toolbar.

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  7. For those who share my appreciation for the English Standard Version, I just learned that you can add an ESV search feature to your Google Toolbar or Firefox.

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  8. IE 7 Beta, Google and ESV: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 has released. The browser has incorporated many of the features already found in Firefox. I also found that Google has released a new version of their now famous search bar and along with it comes the good folks at ESV who have released a “Search Button” Add-In for the Google Toolbar.

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