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Four Reviews of the ESV Journaling Bible

We’ve discovered four blog reviews of the ESV Journaling Bible. Here are some excerpts.

First, Reid at Power of Change writes:

So far, I have been scribbling running verse by verse commentary in my two inch ruled margins. Others may want to journal prayers, thoughts about life, notes to God, etc. Most importantly, this may just help you Read your stinkin Bible. In doing so the wild and fantastic God of the universe may just grab you and throw you out into his mission. Then life just ceases to be normal. Read the book.

One last thought. I like this little edition so much that I think if Jonathan Edwards were alive, he might have just used a bunch of these little black books instead of the hand-sewn interleaved Bible which he used to write down thoughts in his tiny script.

Second, Adrian Warnock writes:

For I love this Bible already for what it represents. It allows a reversal of a decision I made not much less than two decades ago. Somehow I decided to stop writing in the Bible despite the fact that I had spent a few years writing notes in my Bible (actually mainly date references to the paper diary I was keeping at the time in the days pre-blog). So, after all these years I have decided that I will re-start writing in this new Bible, and indeed already have.

There is plenty of room in the ESV Journaling Bible for notes, and I wrote sermon notes intermingled with my own thoughts this morning at our regional celebration when about 10 newfrontiers churches all met together. Do get yourself one if you want to join me in annotating your Bible.

He also included a picture of how he’s used the Bible so far. In a separate post, he describes how he preached from the notes he wrote in the margins of the Bible.

Journaling Bible showing Adrian’s notes in the margin of Psalm 2

Third, Bro. Matt at Bro. Matt’s Blog writes:

I see myself writing in this edition frequently in my studies, then buying another when I have filled up this one. My desire is for my children and grandchildren to pull out this edition and see what their dad/granddad considered with each passage he read.

He’s been on an ESV blogging kick recently.

Fourth, Janelle at Girl Talk writes:

Mike came home from work the other day with something I just have to tell y’all about. It looked like a thick journal. It was black and had an elastic strap to hold it closed. He opened it to show me, and it was a Bible!…

Mike has come up with a unique plan for his Journaling Bible. He wants to fill the margins with his own reflections and pass it along to Caly someday. I can’t imagine a better gift for my little girl!

Finally, we should mention that Jason Ballard briefly wrote about the Journaling Bible.

(Disclosure: Crossway advertises on Adrian’s blog.)

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