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More Blog Reviews of the Journaling Bible

Several people have reviewed the new ESV Journaling Bible since we last linked to reviews.

Gareth Russell (picked up at Moleskinerie):

Of course the big test is, when open does it lie flat? I’m pleased to say that with only a minimum of force, this Bible stays flat at Genesis 1! Hurrah! We all know how annoying it is to have to keep weighting down a page in order to read it. This of course indicates a good job at binding the Journaling Edition.

Mathew at Under Sovereign Grace:

Anyways, I have recently purchased my very own ESV Journaling Bible and am already enjoying the benefit of lined margins–which make for very readable, crisp note taking. My only question is Why not sooner? How has no one else ever thought of doing this? Really. . . wide margins have been around forever and no one ever thought, “Hey. Let’s put some lines in those margins to tidy up the notes”?

Laura at Words Behind Me:

I have also just received my ESV Journaling Bible, so I have yet another place to write stuff down. I really like this Bible–the size is very nice for carrying around, the paper is nice, the cover is nice, the elastic band that holds it closed is nice–ah. The type is a little small, but not so small that I can’t adjust to it. The journaling lines in the margins are very close together, too–does anyone really write that small? But, on balance, I like it very much.

Moleskine Notes:

I love my red leather bible I’ve had for the last 5 years but this one is just so cool. I write all over my other one so this is nice to have the space to write in the margins.

Colossians 3:16:

I have gone through a couple of the hardback bibles for study/note-taking and things like that. For some time I had wished that they would make a wide-margin study edition for note-taking, personal cross-references and things like that. Well, for several weeks now I have been using the ESV Journaling Bible and I love it!… The paper is good quality with minimal bleed (I use the Zebra F-301 pen in black, thin grip, not wide!). It is a terrific resource and this post is nothing more than a shameless recommendation (no, I don’t get paid by them, though I’m open to talks!).

J. Mark Bertrand, who also provides some history:

In a sense, Crossway has re-thought the wide margin concept, moving it out of the specialty realm and into the mainstream…. the more I think about it, the more I like it. Wide margin Bibles are such a great idea, so useful, but most people just don’t take advantage of them. The Journaling Bible has the potential to change that.

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