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Dilemmas of Giving Away an ESV Won in a Contest

Julianne at ½ + ½ = 1 tells of a prize she received in a recent contest:

Each of us received a shiny mini size English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. Actually, we are supposed to give the gifts that we got away – we’re supposed to give them to either people who don’t have Bibles or non-Christians.

However, when I saw the size of it and the version of the Bible, I’m so tempted to keep it. Actually, Angela, Jessica and I were talking about how tempted we were to keep the Bibles for ourselves. The reason *I* wanna keep it is because it’s an ESV Bible. Jessica wants to keep it because of its small size… Angela wants to keep it because there are concordances at the back of the Bible! LOL! All of us have different reasons to want to keep the Bible.

The story has a happy ending: she finds someone to whom she gives away the Bible.

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