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Greasemonkey and Camino Add-ons

James sends news of a Greasemonkey add-on he’s developed that automatically links Scripture references in webpages to the ESV. (Greasemonkey is itself an add-on for Firefox.)

Two identical paragraphs illustrate what the script does. One paragraphs has a number of references to Scripture passages, but no links. The second paragraph has turned all the Scripture references into links.

Meanwhile, emailer Colin explains how to add ESV search to Camino, a browser for the Mac:

  1. Close Camino.
  2. Find your search engine plist. The search engine plist can be found in your user profile at ~/Library/Application Support/Camino/SearchURLList.plist. The format of SearchURLList.plist is straightforward. Essentially, you have a list of search engine names and their corresponding search URLs. The search engine name is the human-readable string displayed in the search field’s magnifying glass menu, and the search URL is the URL that Camino will visit to display search results.
  3. Open in TextEdit.
  4. Add the following text:


    Make sure you add this before the part in the existing file that says:


  5. Save the .plist file
  6. Re-open Camino.
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