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More Bible Reading Habits

Dr. Robert Lowery shares how he tries to “read through the New Testament once a month and the Old Testament as least twice a year:”

I read from a variety of translations, but usually I read the NIV six to eight months of the year and then the remaining months I read from a variety of translations–NASB, ESV, NLT, NRSV, etc.)… I buy a paperback of the NIV at the beginning of every year and mark it up quite thoroughly, underlining (at times following a code–blue for God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, black for the beautiful indicatives found in Scripture, red for the imperatives, etc.), drawing happy faces by sections, unhappy faces, puzzled faces, angry faces (Yes, sometimes I don’t like what God says!)… I am captivated by the metaphors the biblical authors use… I write in the margins of my Bible short sentences summing up my thoughts, etc. I read the Bible not only as sacred literature but as literature, paying close attention to the plot, characters, settings, the role of the narrator/author (I have been deeply influenced by Leland Ryken’s How to Read the Bible as Literature and recommend that you read the work not once but several times so that his principles get into your reading DNA)… I write down questions that I want to pursue in a more detailed way…

(Ellipses are his.) The rest of his post answers the why, when, where, and how questions about his reading.

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  1. I’ve got a friend whose main hobby is studying the Bible. He is an inspriation to me, he’s one of the people the Lord has put in my life to push me and that sort of thing is a mercy…

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