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Custom Paperback Reformation Study Bibles

Jeff Fuller at The Reformed Evangelist writes:

Paperback Study Bibles are a rare find, in the ESV they don’t exist. Yet through a generous donation from Ligonier Ministries combined with the genius of their Creative Department, a box of the very first custom-made paperback Reformation Study Bibles arrived at my home.

Why are these paperbacks so special? They aren’t special because they are rare, the special thing about these study bibles is that they were made to put in the hands of men in the prison system. Hardcover and leather-type covers are not permitted because the materials can be used to create weapons. Only paperback books are allowed in the County Jail I visit weekly.

Convincing a publisher to custom-produce a few Bibles for you: that’s dedication. From a publishing standpoint, custom-producing a few paperback Bibles is no mean feat. Congratulations to Jeff and Ligonier.

(Of course, visiting a jail weekly to evangelize also takes dedication.)

See a slideshow of the paperback Reformation Study Bibles and other materials Jeff uses in his ministry

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