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Single Column Reference Bible Review

Rick at This Lamp has a long, positive review of the ESV Single Column Reference Bible. It’s hard to pick out a paragraph to excerpt, but here’s one where he talks about the advantages of the verse-by-verse instead of a paragraph layout for this edition:

What may seem at first to be an odd choice in modern Bibles, the SCR forgoes paragraph format for an older style of verse-by-verse layout. I’ve even seen this aspect of the SCR criticized elsewhere, but I have to think that this choice was purposeful. Yes, in general, I’d say that paragraphed formatting is better so that one reads any particular verse in a greater context. Verses taken by themselves often have a potential to be exegetically misused. However, for anyone with the intelligence to pay attention to the paragraph marks included with the text, this shouldn’t be a problem. And as I said, I believe that such a formatting decision must have been purposeful because anyone who has ever taken notes in a Bible such as the classic NASB single-column reference Bibles knows that a verse-by-verse format allows for even more room to write, and it allows the brief note or two (as space allows) to be nestled in the absolute closest proximity to the text.

Rick notes some confusion about the size of the margins. They’re exactly 1.14″, which we generally round to 1 1/8 (1.125)″. As with all books, the margins may vary slightly depending on how the printer cut and bound the paper.

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  1. I just saw on my feed-reader that Crossway is now selling a single column version of the ESV and was all set to shout praises…

    Trackback by Mark Horne — May 16, 2007 @ 11:02 am

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