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Memorize While Crocheting

Ana at Ana’s Corner writes about how she uses her crocheting time to memorize James in the ESV. She even gives photographic proof:

A partially crocheted blanket lies on a compact ESV Bible open to James.

In a later post, Ana describes her method for memorizing:

The easiest way I’ve found to memorize is to read one verse, or part of a verse if it’s longer, out loud once. Then read it to yourself two times. Then try to say it without looking. Then check to see if you got it right. If you did, keep saying it over and over again. If you didn’t get it quite right, fix it and then say it over and over. Every time you add a verse you do the same thing, but when you say them to yourself without looking start from the first verse that you learned and say to the last one….

Another way to memorize and keep things fresh in your mind is to write it out on paper. You can either write it over and over, (not writing over and over at one sitting but different times throughout the day. ;) ) or write it on a sheet of paper to carry around in your pocket to look at during the day. It’s really quite fun! I’m really enjoying it.

Ana is one of a growing number of young Christian women who read the ESV and share their experiences on their blogs. (We don’t link to them all.) Often these blogs have lots of photos and convey a sense of craft that’s missing from other blogs. It would be interesting to conduct a sociological study of the phenomenon.

(We added paragraphs to and fixed a typo in Ana’s quote.)

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  1. Recently my eldest daughter wrote a post regarding memorizing Scripture while crocheting. The kind folks here linked to her blog and wrote a short post regarding her post. What an encouragement and joy to see God working in and through…

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  2. While publishing a comment this afternoon I found out that I have been linked on the ESV.org website/blog! Very interesting. I hadn’t heard anything of it until the comment…

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