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Literary Study Bible Review

Tony at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook reviews the forthcoming ESV Literary Study Bible.

With the ESV LSB, Ryken and Ryken highlight the beautiful intricacies of Scripture and preview content to help readers navigate through the literal, unabridged text of the ESV. The product of their scholarship is both a study Bible and reading Bible, centering around a literal translation that accents the literary beauty of the Bible and invites readers to experience Scripture firsthand.

In a word, the ESV Literary Study Bible is masterful and will serve those who seek daily nourishment from the pure milk of God’s Word.

That’s the conclusion of Tony’s extensive (1600-word) review. If you’re not sure what a “Literary Study Bible” is, he gives a good introduction.

The ESV Literary Study Bible is currently scheduled for release the week of September 23, 2007.

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