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Pew Bibles Paid for by Students

The pew Bibles arrived in boxes. Kevin at BurtonBlog tells how his church was able to buy ESV pew Bibles thanks to donations from a university student. He also talks about how students contribute to the church, and not just financially. Some excerpts:

Our church did not budget money for Bibles and there was no plan to put ESV in the pews. But one of our students donated a few hundred dollars, from money made over the summer, so that we could all get on the same page on Sunday morning…..

When the student invasion first began at Burton there was a worry, by some, that these students were going to be a drain on resources while not being a great help in financial contributions. While not knowing what anyone gives on a regular basis, I do know that we have students who give what they can, when they can.….

Finances aside, the students have given much more than they have received at Burton. The last two weeks I have taken a wku student to our members in the nursing home. Why? This student wants to know them, so that she can then introduce them to other students. We have students who have tutored our youth, discipled our youth, been a taxi for our youth, etc.

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