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Read through the Bible “Southern Seminary Style”

Tony at Said at Southern Seminary explains his project for winter break: reading through the entire Bible in January.

My favorite Seminary isn’t offering any classes I need this January, so I’ve been looking for a study project. It occurred to me that I could read the entire Bible in a month if I maintained the Southern Seminary reading pace over the winter break. I like to think of it as Bible Reading Southern Seminary Style.

Calculating the figures, he determines that it takes about 2.5 hours a day to read the whole Bible in January, or only 76 minutes per day if you started December 10. If you only want to read the New Testament, you only need to spend 35 minutes a day in January, or 21 minutes if you started December 10.

The poll attached to the post suggests what our web stats indicate: interest in reading the Bible daily crests in January and fades throughout the year. Maybe you’ve tried to read the Bible in a year before and haven’t succeeded. In trying to read a good portion of the Bible by February 1, you can rely on your initial enthusiasm and resolve to almost carry you through—you may find that you’re done before you realize it.

Stephen at the lower case talks about why this compressed approach appeals to him:

if you are like me, each year you may have good intentions of reading the bible all the way through, or at least reading it more. by mid february i am usually so far behind trying to keep up seems futile. well tony has provided a plan that if you can spare a little over an hr. a day (cumulative) we can read the entire bible by jan. 31st if we start on dec. 10th!

Stephen also responds to the “I don’t have an hour a day!” objection by providing practical tips to find extra time in your day to read the Bible.

Via approaching North.

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