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Using the Greek New Testament for Devotions

Duncan Forbes at his eponymous blog has been writing recently about how he uses the Greek New Testament for devotions:

For the last 2 years I’ve been using Greek primarily for exegesis for sermons. In the last month however, I tried something new, and started using a Greek text for my devotions. I knew someone years ago who did this, but since then have never heard anyone encourage this.

My own limited experience of the last month has been that reading the New Testament in Greek is a wonderful devotional experience. Hopefully through this blog, I can encourage it amongst others—especially you ex-Bible college students who don’t use your Greek anymore!

So far he’s written about five benefits that this method offers:

  1. Introduction / encouragement
  2. The slowdown factor
  3. Seeing the perfect tense
  4. Spotting wordplays
  5. Spotting Jesus’ nuances

Even if you don’t know biblical Greek, you can partially recreate the experience Duncan describes by comparing different English translations or by doing your devotions in the ESV Reverse Interlinear New Testament.

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  1. The ESV Blog posted on Duncan Forbes’ new way of doing devotions: he uses his Greek New Testament. He is currently blogging about this idea and I must admit, I am very much drawn to it. I think When I come to a break in my devotion plan…

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  2. I have found an interesting series of posts on the benefits of using the Greek New Testament for your devotions.

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  3. The ESV Bible Blog points us to Duncan Forbes’ blog who is currently posting a series on doing his devotions from the Greek New Testament. What a novel idea! What think ye?

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