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Using Kindle for Bible Study

Jason at Help My Unbelief reviews the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, including its implications for Bible study. After listing the drawbacks (which we pretty much agree with—hopefully future versions of the Kindle platform will give publishers more flexibility to design their books), he discusses some of the advantages:

Search-ability. Can’t remember that verse you were reading earlier? Type in a word or two and you’re all set. This comes in handy when you’re away from a computer. You can also search any notes you’ve typed into the device, so if you are taking notes for a particular study, it might be good to tag your notes. For example, my Bible study group is going through Desiring God, so I’ll use the term “DG#” to indicate a particular note is for a chapter # in the Desiring God study. This is nothing new, you can do all this from any computer, but having it in a device that weighs almost nothing and has a battery that lasts close to a week is pretty cool.

He also has a number of tips for making the most of your Kindle.

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