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Buying a Journaling Bible

Mike at Faith Engineer talks about buying his new ESV Journaling Bible:

Just after I preach a sermon on everyone having multiple copies of the Bible and not reading any of them, I went and bought yet another Bible tonight…. It is a journaling Bible with a hard calf-skin leather binding in the ESV translation. For those of you not familiar with the ESV, it is a very good word-for-word translation that is excellent for serious Bible study and general reading.

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Chad’s Blank Bible

Chad at Outside Is Better shares his blank Bible story (a blank Bible involves taking apart a Bible, inserting blank pages for notetaking in it, and rebinding it):

I started off using an ESV Wide Margin Campus edition. I wanted something with wide margins already to maximize my space…. I am hoping to make a few more of these, because I can see already how useful they are.

Here’s an in-process photo (one of several photos):

A partially interleaved interlinear shows the blank Bible in-process.

Visit The Shepherd’s Scrapbook for detailed instructions on how to make your own blank Bible.

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