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Crossway Book Excerpts – Fall 2008

Here’s a list of the sample excerpts we’ve made available for Crossway’s Fall 2008 books.

  1. Awesome Words (Edythe Draper, editor) – January 1-10
  2. Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (Nancy Guthrie, ed.) – Preface and Chapters 1-2
  3. Death by Love (Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears) – Chapter 1 – “Demons Are Tormenting Me”
  4. Game Day for the Glory of God (Stephen Altrogge) – Chapter 3 – The Joy of Sports
  5. Is Rome the True Church? (Norm Geisler and Joshua Betancourt) – Chapter 6 – The Roman Argument for Apostolic Succession
  6. Jesus and the Feminists (Margaret Elizabeth Köstenberger) РContents
  7. Keeping Holiday (Starr Meade) – Chapter 1 – Holiday Vacation
  8. Reasons We Believe (Nathan Busenitz) – Foreword by John MacArthur
    and Preface
  9. Reforming or Conforming? (Johnson and Gleason, eds.) – Chapter 7 – Examination of Brian McLaren’s Approach to the Doctrine of Hell
  10. Spectacular Sins (John Piper) – Introduction – The Times are Changing
  11. Stand (Piper and Taylor, eds.) – Introduction and Chapter 1 – Four Essentials for Finishing Well
  12. Suffering and the Goodness of God (Morgan and Peterson, eds.) – Chapter 4 – Suffering and the Goodness of God in the Gospels
  13. Teach Us to Pray (Timothy Beals, ed.) – Preface – The Language of Prayer
  14. The New Media Frontier (Reynolds and Overton, eds.) – Chapter 7 – Blog as Microwave Community
  15. Total Church (Tim Chester and Steve Timmis) – Chapter 7 – Discipleship and Training
  16. Unpacking Forgiveness (Chris Brauns) – Introduction – The Forgiveness Quiz
  17. Worldliness (C. J. Mahaney, editor) – Chapter 1 – Is This Verse in Your Bible?
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  1. I notice that several of the above books have a Mobipocket ISBN – but I can’t track them on the Mobipocket website – have they been published in Mobipocket format yet? If not, are they due to be? If so, its great to see a major publisher giving e-books as a purchase option!


    Comment by Phil — December 29, 2008 @ 4:36 am

  2. All new Crossway titles are made available in Kindle, Mobipocket, and PDF (the latter for those who order directly through Crossway.org). They are usually up within two weeks of the release of the book, although this can fluctuate. We are also adding Sony and ePub formats soon as well.

    Comment by jkinnard — December 29, 2008 @ 8:31 pm

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