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A Note from the President: ESV Study Bible – Remarkable Response and Challenges!

Back in Stock February 26th

The remarkable response to the ESV Study Bible has also created a huge challenge – first, for people to obtain copies, and second, for us at Crossway to keep it in stock!

As indicated on our website, the ESV Study Bible is currently out of stock at Crossway.  And although the reprint order was placed a couple months ago, the earliest that we can get copies from the next printing is the last week in February.  (Some editions are still available though from e-commerce and retail stores – feel free to contact us at sales@crossway.org for more details.)

We have been amazed and deeply grateful by the tremendous reception to the ESV Study Bible.  In fact, when we receive the next printing the end of February, there will be 250,000 copies in print after only five months.  It has been a huge challenge to keep up with the demand – especially since the lead time for doing a Bible reprint on this scale is 4 to 6 months.

As The Christian Post reported, several stores are experiencing record-breaking sales for this study Bible. Mark Traphagen, online manager for Westminster Bookstore in Philadelphia, Pa., said the book is “by far the fastest selling new product in the history of our store.”

We are indeed grateful for your patience and understanding – and for the tremendous response to the ESV Study Bible.  With our great appreciation for the opportunity to serve you,


Lane T. Dennis, Ph.D.
Crossway President and Publisher

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