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Big Truths Climbing the Charts

Amazon is reporting Bruce Ware’s book, Big Truths for Young Hearts, is currently ranked #2 in the Youth Ministry category and #306 overall.

We thought this was worth pointing out.

If you haven’t heard of this new resource from Dr. Ware, here’s an enjoyable audio interview he did with Dr. Albert Mohler recently. Or read what colleague Dr. Russell Moore had to say about Big Truths.

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The Great Bible Giveaway from Logos

Our friends at Logos Bible Software have set up The Great Bible Giveaway contest through which they’ll be giving away 72 premium Bibles over the next 6 months (including the ESV Study Bible).

It’s encouraging to see the ESV lighting up the comments section!

Head on over and enter the contest for a chance to win the ESV Study Bible or any of several other premium Bibles.

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Unpacking Forgiveness in One Page

9781581349801Pastor Chris Brauns provides this 1 page diagram of the principles in his book, Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds.

If you’re unfamiliar with this insightful book we invite you to read the endorsements and learn more.

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Celebrating 500 Years of Calvin

July 10, 2009 marks John Calvin’s 500th Birthday! To celebrate, we would like share a few testimonies and resources resulting from a legacy of Calvin’s faithfulness, by God’s grace, as God’s people continue to seek his glory. Check out Crossway’s Facebook Page for a chance to win a copy of one of the three books below! (Winners will be selected at random at 4pm CT today).

web_cover_imageJohn Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God, pp. 12-13: “Let this sink in: God—the God who holds you in being this very moment—never had a beginning. Ponder it. Do you remember the first time you thought about this as a child or young teenager? Let that speechless wonder rise. God never had a beginning! “I am” has sent me to you. And one who never had a beginning, but always was and is and will be, defines all things. Whether we want him to be there or not, he is there. We do not negotiate what we want for reality. God defines reality. When we come into existence, we stand before a God who made us and owns us. We have absolutely no choice in this matter. We do not choose to be. And when we are, we do not choose that God be. No ranting or raving, no sophisticated doubt or skepticism, has any effect on the existence of God. He simply and absolutely is.

If we don’t like it, we can change, to our joy, or we can resist, to our destruction. But one thing remains absolutely unassailed: God is.”


John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor, pp. 6: “In his own day he was above all else a pastor who had a passion for the gospel of Christ. It was that gospel and that passion that ultimately moved millions. He communicated faith, hope, and confidence in God.”


Glory Road, pp. 17: “Christ is our High Priest who has offered the one acceptable sacrifice for human sin. All other priests and their sacrifices pointed to Christ, and it is the promise of his coming that gave them significance, but Christ is the substance. Christ is our King who conquers our enemies, provides for our needs, and governs us through his Word. Reformed theology stresses union with Christ because in him are all the riches of God’s grace. Without union with him we are still in our sins and under the condemnation of a just and holy God. Reformed theology is offensive to other doctrinal systems because it lays the ax to the root of human works and ability as the means of being justified before God.”

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100 Pictures of the ESV Study Bible


Erik Kowalker shares his 100 photos of the calfskin ESV Study Bible.

He writes:

The reason behind taking this many pictures is simple: I wanted others who are contemplating making this lofty investment in a Bible to get a decent visual before they take the financial plunge into this worthy, lifetime investment.

Thanks Erik for taking the time to do this!

Learn more about the ESV Study Bible, which was recently named World Magazine’s Book of the Year.

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