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The Deficiencies of Secularism Exposed

Baker Offers an Enduring Solution for Public Policy


What impact will big government have on the church?

Should the church rely on the state for its financial sustenance?

Is the war between science and religion legit?

Does secularism help us all get along despite religious differences?

Check out Hunter Baker’s The End of Secularism.

“Hunter Baker is one of  the sharpest thinkers in contemporary American Christianity. This work, The End of Secularism, will provoke the same kind of  conversation ignited by Richard John Neuhaus’s The Naked Public Square several years ago. Read this book slowly, with a highlighter and a pen in hand, as you think alongside Hunter Baker about questions ranging from whether the Ten Commandments ought to hang in your local courthouse to whether there’s a future at all for public Christianity.”

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Crossway Authors Featured on Prime Time America

Tune in to Prime Time America this week as Greg Wheatley chats with a handful of Crossway authors:

8/24/09 5:00pm CT: Get a sneak preview of Bioethics and the Christian Life as David VanDrunen discusses what it means to develop wisdom and a Christian approach to tough decisions many face in our culture—such as abortion, stem-cell research, infertility treatments, living wills, accepting and refusing medical treatment, and the treatment of patients in permanent vegetative states.

8/24/09 5:30pm CT: Anthony Carter shares the stories of 10 African-American pastors as they journeyed into reformed Christianity in Glory Road.

8/25/09 5:30pm CT: Vern Poythress will be discussing Redeeming Science. “Sound theology meets sound science in this book as Vern Poythress shows us how to see the beauty of God’s character revealed in everything that scientists study in the created universe.” —Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Bible, Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, AZ.

8/26/09 5:30pm CT: Christopher Morgan addresses the nature of evil, human freedom, and God’s sovereignty in Suffering and the Goodness of God.

8/27/09 5:30pm CT: Greg Wheatley invited Elyse Fitzpatrick to talk a bit about fear, worry, and the gospel.

8/28/09 5:30pm CT: Tim Beals will be introducing the new Oswald Chambers Devotional Bible, which includes 365 select readings from Oswald Chambers’ deep and insightful messages.

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Biblical Leadership in the Home, Community, and Culture

1581347839Tony Evans encourages men to fulfill their biblical role of spiritual leadership in the home so that they can have a godly impact on their families, communities and the culture at large. Focus on the Family is featuring a classic message based on his book, No More Excuses. Listen online or search for your local broadcast here.

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Crossway Partners with Local Churches to Share the Good News this Christmas

Goal Set to Reach One Million Homes with the Gift of God’s Word

WHEATON, IL (August 21, 2009)—Crossway has launched a nationwide effort to provide churches with a creative and cost-effective way to reach one million homes with the gospel this Christmas. Crossway’s Share the Good News of Christmas gift bags include an ESV Outreach New Testament Christmas Edition, a Christmas tract written by Max Lucado, thirty days of free access to the ESV Online Study Bible, and a customizable invitation to Christmas services or a special seasonal event. The kits retail for $1 a piece, and are sold in case lots of 50 through Christian retail stores across the country.

68According to Crossway executive vice president Geoff Dennis, the gift bags can be used by individuals, para-church ministries, or individual ministries within a larger church. “Ideally,” Dennis says, “a church will decide to adopt Share the Good News of Christmas as a way of reaching out to friends and neighbors during the season when people are most open to visiting church. But even if the recipient doesn’t attend a church during the Christmas season, they’ll still have an opportunity to be impacted by God’s Word through the New Testament, online access to the ESV Study Bible, or the gospel tract which are all included in the bag.”

After purchasing the kits from a local Christian retail store, churches can print or hand-write on the invitations, inviting the recipients to a seasonal event, such as a Christmas musical at the church, a Christmas coffee in a home, or a Christmas Eve service. “We’re hearing about all kinds of creative ways churches around the country intend to utilize the Share the Good News of Christmas bags,” says Dennis, “including church choirs who will use them to invite people to their Christmas musical program, and large Sunday School classes who will host neighborhood Christmas parties and pass them out in the neighborhood as they go Christmas caroling door-to-door.” Churches utilizing or considering Share the Good News of Christmas are encouraged to join the Share the Good News of Christmas group on Facebook where Crossway invites people to share how they are using the bags in their community.

Crossway is hopeful that Share the Good News of Christmas will become a key part of thousands of church’s outreach programs this Christmas 73season. The initial enthusiastic response has encouraged the company to go back to press on the various gift bag contents even before the first cartons began shipping in mid-August. “The driving passion behind the Share the Good News of Christmas program is to reach a massive number of people with the gospel and God’s Word this Christmas,” says Lane Dennis, president of Crossway. “My prayer and my dream is that we would reach a million homes this Christmas.  We can only begin to imagine what an amazing impact for eternity this could have – if tens of thousands would come to know Christ as their Savior this Christmas as a result of this partnership in the gospel.”

To receive a sample Share the Good News of Christmas gift bag, churches can contact their local Christian retail store. For more information about the program and gift bag contents, and for resources to promote the program in your church, go to www.goodnewsofchristmas.org.

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Trackback Thursday with Wendy Alsup

97814335020951This week’s Trackback Thursday features Wendy Alsup’s Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives. Women face many battles, and it is essential that she be grounded in her knowledge of God. Alsup provides a practical and relevant introduction to theological concepts for women who long to understand the Word, but may have been intimated of theology and doctrine, or perhaps thought that such topics were reserved for seminary students only.

Here’s a reminder of how the contest part works:  Simply link to the blog post from your blog, leave a comment on Crossway’s Facebook Page, or re-tweet Trackback Thursday on Twitter @Crosswaybooks. There will be three winners picked on Friday morning.

Below, please check out an interview with the author:

How did the idea for this book originate? Who do you think will benefit most from it?

Several years ago I heard a sermon at church that raised some questions about a doctrinal issue. I brought up the issue with a friend of mine, curious to get her thoughts on it. She stopped me and said she only studies the Bible for practical application and avoids getting involved in discussions of doctrine and theology. That started me thinking—isn’t theology supposed to be practical? What’s the point of doctrine and theology if it doesn’t matter in real life?

I began to develop a class at church that eventually became the foundation for the book. My desire has been to reach women who think that theology is not for them or are put off by the technical jargon used by many theologians.

Why is your book specific to women? Doesn’t everyone need theology?

Certainly everyone needs theology—I just think women are underrepresented as target audiences of theological texts and the theological community in general. There are very few women’s books that emphasize theology, therefore that is where my particular burden is.

Some people are put off by the word theology. How would you define that term?

I use the term theology at its most basic level—simply the study of God. Biology is the study of life, zoology the study of animals, anthropology the study of man, and theology the study of God. Proverbs 9:10 says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding, so understanding the character of our God is essential to any hope for wise practical daily living. In this book I try to do 2 things: communicate theology clearly and understandably, and then show why these theological issues matter to our daily lives as women.

You write, “Truly, there is nothing like a good grasp of accurate knowledge about God to enable you to meet the practical demands of your life—the practical demands of being a daughter, mother, wife, sister, or friend.” Can you explain to our audience how knowing God makes a difference in our daily lives?

I regularly have to stop in the midst of the daily trauma I find myself and review what I know about God. It ALWAYS makes a difference in how I view and respond to the issue with which I’m dealing. I get stressed trying to control things that are fully out of my control. I have to stop my emotional roller coaster and think through God’s character. I know God is sovereign—He is in control. I know God is compassionate—He cares for His children with a love that defies our ability to explain. And I know God is wise—He knows what He’s doing. These attributes make all the difference when I am trying to make sense of circumstances out of my control. They don’t change my circumstances, but they change my perspective, which makes all the difference in the world.

What suggestions would you offer church leaders interested in strengthening the theological education of the women in their churches?

I hope my book will be a stepping-stone for this very purpose. Beyond that, I suggest looking for women leaders who first and foremost understand grace. I also encourage focusing more on Word driven rather than topic driven women’s studies. I’d love to see women studying Scripture and asking themselves, “What does this reveal to me about God?” And then, “How does that attribute of God make a difference in how we should think about the circumstances affecting us right now?”

Ephesians is a great book for a women’s study. Paul details our theology in chapters 1 through 3 and then shows in chapters 4 through 6 how that theology affects every aspect of our daily lives (as wives, moms, coworkers, in Christian community). The gospel of Luke, I Peter, and Ruth are good studies as well.

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