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Our Worship and Our Fears

A Sneak Preview of Tullian Tchividjian’s Surprised By Grace

“Behind everything you worship is some fear that, without this person or thing, you’d be lost. Life wouldn’t be worth living. Your fears cause you to attribute ultimate worth either to things such as success, reputation, family, relationships, or to God. Either you believe your life would be meaningless without your friends, or your career achievement, or your children, or your possessions, or your social status, or whatever, or you believe your life wouldn’t be worth living without God, because you know he alone can provide everything you need (and, in fact, long for)—justification, love, mercy, grace, cleansing, a new beginning, eternal approval and acceptance, righteousness, and rescue.”

Read his entire excerpt here.

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  1. Not only does the Bible say ONLY the FATHER IN HEAVEN will know the EXACT time He will send Jesus back to retrieve His foeowllrs ALSO, did you all realize that this Harold Camping guy has had false predictions before? I guess the last one was in 1994? He also says that the Holy Spirit LEFT (was removed from)us in 1988! We all know this is FALSE! Please guys, don’t be so easily deceived. It only HURTS your faith when you believe lies they don’t happen! I want to see Harolds face on Sunday.

    Comment by Dina — November 22, 2012 @ 4:14 am

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