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Literary Study Bible Now Available on ESVBible.org

Do you ever read the Bible as literature? Have you explored its narrative structure or noticed how its characters, themes, and genres compliment and amplify the text? Christians are well-accustomed to reading the Bible devotionally and theologically, but not enough of us have spent the rewarding time unpacking it as a literary work. And, to be honest, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The Literary Study Bible, edited by Leland and Philip Ryken, is still a unique resource and a good starting place for appreciating the inspired Word of God as the literary masterpiece that it is. (Sample content from the book of Genesis.)

The ESV Online Literary Study Bible is now available for ESVBible.org. At $9.99, it contains all of the content of the print edition, including:

  • An extensive introduction to the Bible outlining strategies for reading the Bible as literature
  • Introductions explaining the genre, literary intentions, and theological themes of each Bible book
  • Study notes that guide the reader through a literary reading of the text
  • A glossary containing explanations of dozens of literary terms

We hope you find this to be a useful tool for your study of the most read literary work of all time.

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Friday Faves

Here are some Friday Faves from Crossway authors this week:

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ESV Study Bible + App Hits Version 1.4 for iOS

Nearly a year since it’s debut, the official Crossway ESV Study Bible + app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has been updated to version 1.4. We’ve added the option of seeing the words of Christ in red, along with better navigation. On your iPhone or iPad, swipe easily between the ESV text, the Study Bible notes, and your own notes. Also, there is an improved “tap to return” feature when exploring cross references, notes, highlights, and articles and resources. Finally, we now have a feedback page accessible directly inside the app to help field your questions, feature requests, and identify bugs. Two feature requests in the pipeline are Cloud Sync and Daily Bible Reading Plans, both scheduled for release by year’s end.

Take a look at some of the new features…

To Turn on red letters, go to “More” and slide the switch to “On”

John 8:12 with Red Letters on

As mentioned above, we’ve added features for faster navigation. You can now swipe your finger side to side to quickly switch between study bible notes, the Bible text, and your notes. In addition, when you tap and view a linked passage within study resources you will be given the option to “Tap to return…” to whatever resource you were previously reading.

Lastly, as you use the app and think of questions or suggestions, go to “More” and click on “Feedback” to let us know.

Mobile support preview

What is your favorite feature of the ESV Study Bible+ app? We’d like to know!

Don’t have the app yet?  ESV Study Bible + is available for purchase in the itunes app store.


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Video: The Challenges and Opportunities in Church Revitalization

It can be more difficult for a pastor to come into an existing church rather than to planting his own. What are some of the challenges and opportunities in church revitalization?

Here are a couple highlights:

4:15: What do you do to care for and transition members [existing members at the church during the revitalization]?
5:26: Day one, we’re one church. It’s not “the old church” and “the new church.”

Watch part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the series. You can also learn more about the two books Mike has written for Crossway: Church Planting is for Wimps and Am I Really a Christian?

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Digital Resources: Online Tech Support

Here at Crossway we want to hear how you’re using our digital resources. We’ve set up a new way for you to submit feedback on our ESV mobile and web apps using a service called Get Satisfaction. By navigating to our online support community you can participate in ongoing conversations about ESVBible.org and our mobile applications. It’s a convenient way to share ideas, ask questions, report on problems, and let us know how you’re benefiting from these resources. Each new topic creates a message thread, allowing replies and comments from others to further the discussion.

In a short time this has grown into an important support community where your ideas and feedback are helping us improve our products, answer questions, and resolve problems. We’re also enjoying the encouraging and creative ways you’re using ESV Digital apps.

If you have a discussion item, we’d love to hear it. We’re active in the community and read every new topic that gets submitted. Stop by and join in on the conversation.

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