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Unlock free access to the Online Student Study Bible

The ESV Student Study Bible was simultaneously published in print and online formats. The Online Student Study Bible is hosted through ESVBible.org and functions as a study module, similar to the formats of the ESV Online Study Bible and the Online Literary Study Bible. With notes, book introductions, maps, and specially written articles, it’s a portable, easy-to-use tool to complement your free ESVBible.org account.

Normally on sale for $9.99,  you can unlock the Online Student Study Bible for free by sharing it with five friends. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your ESVbible.org account (or register for free)
  2. Click on the add content button at the top
  3. Click on “Student Study Bible Notes”
  4. Click on the “Invite 5 friends” link
  5. Submit 5 e-mail addresses and the Student Study Bible notes and resources will be unlocked – use and enjoy!
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To Serve is to Suffer

Last August Ajith Fernando wrote To Serve is to Suffer in Christianity Today, an article that recently received an EPA Higher Goals Award. This is a great read for anyone in ministry, missions, or thinking about going into those fields. Fernando addresses vocational ministry and its elements of frustrations and fulfillment, commitment and community, our drivenness and servanthood, and the glory of the gospel.

Here are a few highlights:

  • “If the apostle Paul knew fatigue, anger, and anxiety in his ministry, what makes us think we can avoid them in ours?”
  • “The Cross must be an essential element in our definition of vocational fulfillment.”
  • “A church that has a wrong understanding of [vocational] fulfillment for its workers will certainly become sick.”
  • “This may be one reason why the church contains so much shallowness. We have measured success by the standards of the world and fail to challenge the world with the radically different biblical way to fulfillment.”
  • “When people leave a church because they do not fit the program, it communicates a deadly message: that our commitment is to the work and not to the person, that our unity is primarily in the work and not in Christ and the gospel.”
  • “People who are unfulfilled after pursuing things that do not satisfy may be astonished to see Christians who are joyful after depriving themselves for the sake of the gospel.”

Read the full article or check out Fernando’s book, The Call to Joy and Pain.

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Essential vs. Peripheral Doctrine

The ability to discern the relative importance of theological issues is vital to the health and unity of the church. There are four categories of importance into which theological issues can fall:

  • Absolutes: Define the core beliefs of Christian faith.
  • Convictions: While not core beliefs, these may have significant impact on the health and effectiveness of the church.
  • Opinions: Views or personal judgments generally not worth dividing over.
  • Questions: Currently unsettled issues.

The category into which each theological issue falls should be examined in light of eight different considerations.

  1. Biblical clarity
  2. Relevance to the character of God
  3. Relevance to the essence of the gospel
  4. Biblical frequency and significance (how often in Scripture it is taught, and what weight Scripture places upon it)
  5. Effects on other doctrines
  6. Consensus among Christians (past and present)
  7. Effect on personal and church life
  8. Current cultural pressure to deny a teaching of Scripture

All of these categories should be evaluated collectively when determining how important an issue is to the Christian faith. Proper discernment between core doctrines and legitimately disputable matters will spare the church from either compromising essential truths or dividing over trivial squabbles.

Modified from Life’s Biggest Questions by Erik Thoennes

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Video: A Writer’s Responsibility to the Truth

Larry Woiwode and John Wilson (editor of Books and Culture) discuss the responsibility for writers to be truth tellers. Woiwode’s newest book, Words Made Fresh: Essays on Literature and Culture is now available!

0:18 The writer’s responsibility to the truth
1:25 There’s danger in sanitizing the truth.
2:42 Woiwode talks about his discovery of John Calvin, how his work influenced his work, and how Calvin has been distorted.

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