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3 Part Interview with Justin Holcomb on FamilyLife Today

Listen in on this three part interview with Justin Holcomb on FamilyLife Today (based on his book Rid of My Disgrace: Help and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault along with Lindsay Holcomb)

  • You Are Not to Blame: Sexual abuse. Even the word makes us cringe. Justin Holcomb, a pastor in Seattle, talks frankly about the abuse and the self-blame that so many victims battle. Justin encourages abuse victims to bring their questions and their pain to God, who promises never to leave or forsake us.
  • Grace: The Gospel’s Answer to Disgrace: Does the sexual abuse you suffered make you feel like a disgrace? Pastor Holcomb explains how God turns our disgrace into grace. Justin defines what sexual abuse is, and tells parents some things to tell their daughters to lessen their chances of being sexually assaulted. Justin also tells what to do should sexual assault occur.
  • Be Angry, But Do Not Sin: Sexual abuse is at epidemic levels. Holcomb, who has counseled with hundreds of sexual abuse victims shares how the gospel brings a fresh identity to those who have suffered harm. Listen in to hear how God’s truth can minister to those experiencing shame and anger in their pain.

Learn more about Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault.

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  1. Very cool to see Pastor Justin on Family Life. Great radio show and great guy.

    Comment by Nate Jelovich — October 10, 2011 @ 11:02 pm

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