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Premium Covers, Abba Bibles, and a Ministry of Mercy

Crossway offers several high-quality leather ESV Bibles like the lambskin Personal Size Reference or the calfskin ESV Study Bible. These leather covers are supple and durable, ensuring the Bibles lie flat and last for decades. Each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Many of these premium covers are made by Abba Bibles in Mexico City. Abba began as a local church ministry, employing single mothers, the disabled, and others struggling to find steady work in their area. Over the years this small facility in Mexico has developed a reputation for producing beautiful, high quality Bible covers, as well as repairing or rebinding Bibles on a custom basis.

We’ve chosen Abba to cover our Bibles for a couple of reasons. Abba makes arguably the best handmade Bible covers found anywhere in the world. They use a very high quality grade of leather, and every step of the process is done by hand, from the cutting of the leather to the application of adhesives (see photos at the bottom of the post). But more importantly, we love working with Abba because of their heart for ministry to those in need. They provide income and a safe work environment for many on the margins of society.

Given their humble origins and limited space and equipment, the Bible covers Abba produces are truly remarkable. We’re grateful for their partnership in this publishing ministry.

A complete cowhide. This one piece will produce numerous Bible covers. The scraps are used for other projects.

Adhesive is applied to the edges of each cover and then folded in for a snug fit. Some editions will feature sewn edges.

The "block" of pages is glued in with an added end sheet that enhances durability and presentation. Though Abba can complete this step in-house, they generally ship the covers to a separate printing facility in the U.S. where the page blocks are added.

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Discipleship 101: How to Disciple a New Believer

By Justin Buzzard, author of Date Your Wife (original post here).

Discipleship involves a lot, but one of the most important things you can do with a new believer is read the Bible with them–teaching them how to read, understand, respond to, and apply God’s Word.

There are two men in their 20s who came to faith in Christ in recent weeks through the ministry of our church. I’m discipling these guys right now. I baptized them a few weeks ago. One of the core ways I’m discipling them is through weekly Bible reading meetings. This is how I do it:

  • Every Wednesday night these guys come to my house to join in our Neighborhood Group with a bunch of other people from our church and neighborhood.
  • I have the guys come 30 minutes early so that the three of us can read the Bible together.
  • Each week we read one paragraph of Scripture together and talk about it. Right now we’re reading Philippians because it’s the book I’m preaching through, it’s the book all of our Neighborhood Groups are studying, and because I think Philippians is a pivotal book to master for new believers.
  • Each week I ask the guys two questions about the text: 1) What did this text mean in its original 1st century context? 2) What does this text mean for our lives today? As we work through these two questions I connect our thoughts to Jesus and the bigger storyline of Scripture.
  • From 30 minutes of Bible reading and these two questions we end up covering a ton of theological and practical ground. Last week’s study of Philippians 1:3-11 led to conversation about the Trinity, the second coming of Christ, how to pray, and God’s sovereignty and human responsibility.

Most believers have never been intentionally discipled and most believers have no clue how to go about discipling a new believer. The problem is that people don’t have a good understanding of what discipleship is. Here’s a definition for you: Discipleship is truth transferred through relationship.

It’s that simple. What I’m doing with these two men on Wednesday nights is transferring truth through relationship. I love these two men, and they know it. In relationship with them I’m teaching them the truth, and at the center of that process is teaching them how to read, rejoice in, and apply God’s Word.

What are you waiting for? Find two people you can start doing this with.

Justin Buzzard (MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary) is founder and lead pastor of Garden City Church in Silicon Valley. Buzzard is the author of Date Your Wife, writes about culture and the church at JustinBuzzard.net, speaks widely, and is part of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. He resides in Silicon Valley with his wife, Taylor, and their three young sons.

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Video: Date Your Wife

Are you still pursuing the woman who said “I do” at the altar? Justin Buzzard, author of the forthcoming book Date Your Wife, recognizes that many married men have forgotten how to date their wife. “The mission wasn’t over when you got married,” Buzzard explains. Listen in as he casts a vision for what it looks like for men to continue dating their wife even after the kids arrive, financial responsibilities ratchet up, and life is just plain busy:

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Urgent Ministry Opportunity

Yesterday we posted an urgent request from Crossway’s president, Dr. Lane Dennis, concerning an extraordinary opportunity to meet a matching grant for $270,000. In the above video, Dr. Dennis provides some perspective on why this opportunity is so important to the ministry work of Crossway.

Learn more about this opportunity, or give now to help us meet our goal.

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An Important Letter From Crossway’s President

I am writing, first, in grateful appreciation for your support of Crossway.  As a not-for-profit ministry, the Crossway passion is to provide the Bible and gospel-centered literature as widely as possible, on a global basis.  So I am deeply grateful to you for your help in doing this.

Secondly, I am writing because we have a significant opportunity and a corresponding need.  We have been offered a matching grant in the amount of $270,000, if we are able to raise an additional $270,000 to match the grant.

The purpose of the grant is to help provide the Bible and Bible learning resources free to 1 million people globally—free via the Internet, and free globally, anywhere and everywhere, on every major tablet and smart phone device—particularly to people in great need in China, India, and Africa.

The need is urgent:  First, because the all-or-nothing goal needs to be reached by May 31, 2012—but more importantly because of the massive need worldwide for the Bible, and for essential tools to teach and understand the Bible.

The good news is that, as of this date, we have already received commitments for $37,498—though this means that we still need to raise $232,502.

I would be deeply grateful if the Lord might lead you to help reach the goal before the deadline of May 31, 2012.

With my great appreciation for your support, and for your help now with the matching grant, to provide the Bible and Bible learning resources to 1 million people.

Grateful for your partnership in the gospel,

Lane T. Dennis, Ph.D.

You can give now or view the progress toward our goal.

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