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Weekly Ebook Special: Featuring Books on The Great Commission, Evangelism, and Missions

This Saturday marks the beginning of The Gospel Coalition’s, World Missions PreConference, featuring discussions led by missionaries, pastors, and other church leaders on how we can each play our part in the Great Commission.

Whether you’re making the trip to Orlando or not, we’ve pulled together a sale on several recent Crossway books on the the great commission, evangelism and missions to aid your study on these important topics.

To learn more about each title, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org or search at any of these online stores: AmazonChristianbook.com, Vyrso, eChristian, Bookshout!, Barnes & Noble, or a participating independent bookstores.

Discounted prices available through 4/8/2013.

Featured Titles:

Finish the Mission

Finish the Mission

Edited by John Piper, David Mathis

$12.99 $5.99

Contributors including David Platt, Louie Giglio, and John Piper join forces to compel Christians to cross cultural and linguistic barriers to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups with the gospel.

What is the Mission of the Church

What is the Mission of the Church?

By Kevin DeYoung, Greg Gilbert

$12.99 $5.99

DeYoung and Gilbert help us slow down and think carefully about what the church is sent into the world to do. Looking at the Bible’s teaching, they explore the what, why, and how of the church’s mission for today.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism

By Mark Dever

$7.99 $3.99

In The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Dr. Mark Dever seeks to answer the four basic questions about evangelism that many Christians ask: Who should we evangelize? How should we evangelize? What is evangelism? Why should we evangelize? In his answers Dever draws on New Testament truths and helps believers apply those truths in practical ways. As readers understand the fundamentals of evangelism, they will begin to develop a culture of evangelism in their lives and their local churches.

Risk is Right

Risk is Right

By John Piper, Foreword by David Platt

$5.99 $1.99

Helping Christians put their faith into action and live for more than comfort, Piper offers this stand-alone edition of chapter 5 from his best-selling book Don’t Waste Your Life. He teaches us to choose risk for the cause of Christ, the fulfillment of our joy, and the good of others.

Rid of My Disgrace

Rid of My Disgrace

By Justin S. Holcomb, Lindsey A. Holcomb

$12.99 $0.99

*Featured in honor of April, Sexual Assualt Awareness Month.*

A compassionate and hopeful resource to help adult victims of sexual assault move from brokenness to healing. This book outlines a theology or redemption and includes an application of how the disgrace of the cross can lead victims toward grace.

See also Justin’s new book: On the Grace of God

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Free Download: A Sample from “Salvation Accomplished by the Son”

The very heart of Christ’s saving accomplishment is his death and resurrection.

—Robert A. Peterson

As you prepare for Easter, we’d like to help you reflect on Christ’s death and resurrection. Through the first week of April, we’re offering a free download of a significant portion of Robert Peterson’s Salvation Accomplished by the Son: the Work of Christ. In these chapters, Peterson explores Christ’s saving work and offers an in-depth look into Christ’s death and resurrection.

Dr. Chris Morgan, professor of theology and dean of the School of Christian Ministries at California Baptist University, shares his experience reading Peterson’s work during the Easter season:

Salvation Accomplished by the Son

Not long ago I served as the theological reader for Robert’s Peterson’s Salvation Accomplished by the Son. It appeared to be another good book on an important topic, and it was. But it was much more.

Through Robert’s careful framing, unpacking, expounding, and applying of Christ’s saving work, Christ’s death and resurrection gripped me. Passages like Romans 4:25 and Revelation 3:14 came alive. And the significance of our Lord’s resurrection sunk in more deeply. Jesus’ resurrection brings justification, establishes peace with God, and inaugurates the new creation. I already knew and had been teaching and preaching these truths—but not enough and not with such precision.

Thankfully, I was reading the manuscript just weeks before Easter. Many insights into Christ’s death and resurrection not only found their way into me, but also in several sermons that month. Indeed, I specifically contacted Robert a few times that month to thank him for writing it and to let him know how helpful the book was in my preaching.

Download the sample chapters or learn more about the book.



Introducing Knowing the Bible: A New Study Guide Series

In April 2013 Crossway will be launching a new Bible study guide series called Knowing the Bible.  The series is edited by J. I. Packer and is designed to help readers better understand and apply God’s Word.

Each study includes:

  • Reflection Questions designed to help you engage the text at a deeper level
  • Gospel Glimpses highlighting the gospel of grace throughout the book
  • Whole-Bible Connections showing how a passage connects to the Bible’s overarching story of redemption culminating in Christ
  • Theological Soundings identifying how historic orthodox doctrines are taught or reinforced throughout Scripture

The initial group of guides will be available April 2013 and will include GenesisIsaiahMarkJohnRomans, and James.

In the following video Dane Ortlund, Vice President for Bible Publishing at Crossway, introduces the series:

You can read what leaders are saying about the series, or download the full book of Mark for free. Learn more about the series at www.KnowingtheBibleSeries.org.

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New Release: The Story ESV Bible

This week we’re excited to announce the release of The Story ESV Bible. Published in partnership with Spread Truth Ministries, The Story ESV Bible presents an outline of the meta-narrative of the Bible alongside the full Bible text. It was created to help new believers and non-believers quickly grasp the overarching, unified message of the  Bible.

About The Story

The Story is a presentation of the Bible’s storyline published and distributed by Spread Truth Ministries (note this is not the same material as Zondervan’s The Story). The material covers creation, the fall, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the hope of the second coming. It also provides a clear invitation to readers to receive Christ as their Savior.

About The Story ESV Bible

The Story ESV Bible is the first Bible edition to incorporate The Story content and is published by Crossway in partnership with Spread Truth Ministries. This new Bible features The Story in a 12-page insert. Specially prepared, full-page book introductions by the creators of The Story show how each Bible book fits into the Bible’s storyline.

Video: Why The Story?

Thanks to our friends at Spread Truth Ministries for this video.

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The Gospel and Moving Toward the Lost and Broken

In their book Faithmapping, Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper challenge us as we witness to our communities (emphasis ours):

We don’t necessarily need training or a new set of skills to be witnesses, we just have to believe that the gospel is truly good news.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is continually saying that he must go on to other villages (Mark 1:38; Luke 4:43). Jesus’s life is a movement toward people who are lost and broken. The incarnation is a story about God, in infinite power and holiness, moving toward us, enduring the humiliation of becoming human, bound up in a body with hands, feet, and speech, living a common, ordinary life for thirty years. It’s a movement from the glorious to the obscure, a journey of seeking us out. That movement continues throughout Jesus’s life. He moves toward the unacceptable members of society like tax collectors and prostitutes. He moves toward women who were marginalized in a male-dominated culture. He moves toward blue-collar workers like fishermen. He moves toward outcasts who are sick or disabled.

Religion huddles up. It builds up hedges that define who is in and who is out, and it rigorously defends those boundaries. The gospel moves outward. God moves toward us, and as his witnesses, we move outward too, moving toward people who are marginalized and excluded by the boundaries of religion. Like Jesus, the gospel should compel us outside our circles of familiarity, to the marginalized, the “least of these” of our society. In fact, something is terribly wrong with our understanding of the gospel if it is not continually moving outward.

A church that isn’t witnessing, that isn’t moving outward, doesn’t have a problem with technique. It doesn’t need a new program. Its problem is first and foremost a gospel problem. Witnessing is a natural response to the experience of God’s grace, and its power lies entirely in the gospel. If we’re not compelled to share the gospel, we should wrestle with whether we actually believe it.

Adapted from Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey, by Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper

Daniel Montgomery (MDiv, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the founder and lead pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and founder of Sojourn Network.

Mike Cosper is one of the founding pastors of Sojourn Community Church, where he serves as the pastor of worship and arts. He is also founder of Sojourn Music and contributes regularly to the Gospel Coalition blog.

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