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Video: Why Use the ESV in Your Church

We’ve released a new video geared toward churches that talks about why we think they should adopt the ESV as their primary Bible. Even if you’re not considering the ESV for your church, you’ll still find that the video shares insight into the history and purpose of the ESV.

Watch or read a transcript now.

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As Dilemmas Go…

Tessa from Cool, but weird… but cool shares her dilemma:

So here I am in a quandary. I love old books. I love new books. I love buying Bibles. And I was about to start work this morning (honest) when I decided to briefly visit the ESV Bible homepage. I had a vague notion of looking up a psalm or something to set me up for the day, when I noticed a link to ‘Purchase a copy’. Because it was me, I had to know what kinds of ESV there were in stock, just so that I knew.

Oh, what a mistake-a to make-a. They have shelves, they have stacks, they have heaps, they have mountains of ESV Bibles, of every different hue and texture under the sun. Consider my excitement about stationery, and then multiply that by the number you first thought of. They have hardback, paperback, leather bound, thumb indexed, gold leaf edged, “thinline” editions, metal cased, black, tan, burgundy, textured rubber covered (that’s “TruGrip” to you), blue, lime green, orange, pink, olive, blue, charcoal, chestnut, cranberry, goldenrod, nutmeg, teal… the list goes on and on and on — http://www.gnpcb.org/catalog/bibles/

Tell me, please… how can I resist such a wealth of potential?

Her whole post has more.

We suppose that as dilemmas go, she could be doing worse. Do you wonder how (or whether) she resolved her quandary? So do we. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any way to contact her to find out.

If you have a blog, please consider posting some way to contact you (like a disguised email address). If you know Tessa, please tell her that, just for ourselves, we could use some resolution.

Update August 1, 2005: Tessa lives! And responds! Entirely without exclamation marks! She succinctly sums up her post with the following picture:

Tessa gives a thumbs-up sign in front of her new Nutmeg Filigree Compact TruTone

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ESV Now Available on Crosswalk.com

The searchable ESV text is now available at Crosswalk.com.

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“Ask the Translators” Contest Timeline

In the spirit of openness and to clarify any questions about who was responsible for what, we present the following timeline of the recently concluded contest. We also want to share why we conducted the contest the way we did.

  • April 5, 2005. We know that the Translation Oversight Committee (TOC) meeting is forthcoming and that we want an outside blogger to interact somehow with members of the TOC. We bat around several ideas, but we aren’t sure what form that interaction will take.
  • April 25, 2005. We finalize our plans. We decide to let a blogger submit ten questions for the TOC to answer during the meeting. At this point, we’re thinking that the TOC will provide written responses.
  • May 16, 2005. We invite Adrian Warnock to ask the ten questions. We interacted with him during our Bible giveaway the previous month, so we know he has a passion for the ESV. We also know that he’ll submit some good questions. He’s free to come up with the questions however he wants; we don’t exercise any editorial control over them.
  • May 16, 2005. Adrian announces news of our invitation on his blog and invites anyone to write to him and suggest questions.
  • May 25, 2005. After reviewing the suggestions he received, Adrian posts the questions for the TOC.
  • May 25, 2005. Adrian privately suggests holding a contest when he posts the answers–leaving a comment or trackback makes the commenter eligible to win a free ESV. We think it’s a great idea.
  • May 25, 2005. We decide to film answers to the questions if time allows. We weren’t planning to film the answers; the high quality of the questions made us want to give a multimedia response.
  • May 31 – June 4, 2005. The TOC meets.
  • June 4, 2005. The TOC discusses the questions and films the answers.
  • June 7-10, 2005. We edit and transcribe the raw video footage. We ended up with seventeen answers.
  • June 9-10, 2005. We send the (mostly) completed videos and transcripts to Adrian so he can prepare responses to them.
  • June 14, 2005. Adrian and we jointly announce the contest guidelines. We’ve decided to give away three Bibles–we’re expecting 200-300 comments, and we want each comment to have about a 1% chance of winning.
  • June 15 – July 11, 2005. Every weekday during this time, Adrian posts the question and answer along with his commentary. We post the same question and answer (without additional commentary) a few hours after he does. We want to make sure that his readers have the first chance to read and watch the answers. We visit his site several times each day to keep up with all the comments everyone is making.
  • July 12, 2005. We assign a number to every comment and trackback. People have made about 600 comments, so to keep the 1% chance of winning that we’re aiming for, we double the number of Bibles we’re giving away. We write a Perl program to randomly pick the winning comments.
  • July 12, 2005. We inform the winners by email and ask Adrian if he’s interested in posting their names. (He is.) We follow suit after he’s posted them.
  • July 12, 2005. We ask for feedback on how we could’ve conducted this contest better.
  • July 15, 2005. We post this recap.

Philosophically, we made two crucial choices that (we think) contributed to the contest’s success:

First, we let someone else come up with the questions. We hoped for questions that would reflect what the blogosphere wanted to know about the ESV. It would’ve been painfully clear to readers if we’d tried to come up with the questions ourselves.

Second, we had someone else host the answers. Our goal here was twofold. First, we hoped for a discussion, which we would’ve had a hard time facilitating. We also wanted the dialogue to be free; we think that people are freer to voice their opinions on an independent site.

More importantly, though, we wanted to direct traffic to Adrian. They were his questions, so we thought that people should look to his site for the answers. We don’t feel that our site needs to be the nexus for every conversation about the ESV. Blogging encourages serendipitous interaction–we link to what we can, but we know that discussions about the ESV can and do occur without any prompting from us.

The contest wouldn’t have been such a success without Adrian’s willingness to host the discussion and keep it going. He bears most of the credit for how well it turned out.

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“Ask the Translators” Contest Winners

The following people have won a free ESV Bible in this contest. We’ve emailed them; if you’re one of these people and didn’t get an email, please contact us at blog@esv.org.

We randomly picked the winners from the approximately 600 eligible comments and trackbacks. Originally we only planned to give away three Bibles, but the higher-than-expected number of comments led us to double the number.

We read every comment and followed every trackback, and we appreciate the high caliber of the discussion. Thank you to everyone who participated. We learned a lot about what people think about the ESV, and we hope to address some of the questions you raised.

This contest won’t be the last opportunity you’ll have to interact with members of the ESV Translation Oversight Committee. We’re interested in your feedback about the form in which you’d like to see that interaction take place in the future. We’d also like to know if you have any suggestions for how we could’ve handled this contest better. Head over to Adrian’s blog to comment if you’re interested.

Disclaimer: links to other sites shouldn’t be construed as endorsements.

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