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Weekly Ebook Specials: American Theologians

As the U.S. celebrates the 4th of July this week, we wanted to honor American theologians whose studies and preaching both encouraged and expanded the church. This week’s ebook specials invite you to dive into the lives, studies, and contributions of a handful of America’s faithful theologians.

To learn more about each discounted ebook, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org. You’ll also find them at their reduced prices on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshout, Christianbook.com, eChristian, ibooks (apple), Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 7/8/2013.*

This Week’s Ebook Specials:

Jonathan Edwards and Justification

Jonathan Edwards and Justification

Edited by Josh Moody

$13.99 $3.99

Five renowned Edwards scholars make a credible case for Jonathan Edwards’s doctrine of justification to be solidly Reformational, while also addressing some of the contemporary discussions on justification.

Contributions by Douglas A. Sweeney, Samuel T. Logan Jr., Kyle Strobel, Rhys Bezzant

God's Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan Edwards

God’s Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan Edwards

By Sean Michael Lucas

$13.99 $2.99

Presents Jonathan Edwards’s theology, exploring both the grand framework of redemption history and the application of God’s redemptive work in the believer’s life.

A God Entranced Vision of All Things

A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

Edited by John Piper, Justin Taylor

$14.99 $1.99

Ten essays highlight different aspects of Jonathan Edwards’s life and legacy and show how his teachings are just as relevant today as they were three centuries ago.

Contributions by Stephen J. Nichols, Noël Piper, J. I. Packer, Donald S. Whitney, Mark Dever, Paul Helm, Sam Storms, Mark Talbot, Sherard Burns

The Theology of B. B. Warfield

The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary

By Fred G. Zaspel, Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

$27.99 $3.99

The first comprehensive, systematic treatment of B. B. Warfield’s theology. This single volume gives scholars, pastors, and students a concise account of Warfield’s position on all theological topics.

Warfield on the Christian Life

Warfield on the Christian Life: Living in Light of the Gospel

By Fred G. Zaspel, Foreword by Michael A. G. Haykin
Edited by Stephen J. Nichols, Justin Taylor

$13.99 $2.99

This volume accessibly outlines B. B. Warfield’s teaching on a variety of topics concerning the Christian life. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series.

The Faithful Preacher

The Faithful Preacher: Recapturing the Vision of Three Pioneering African-American Pastors

 By Thabiti M. Anyabwile, Foreword by John Piper

$12.99 $2.99

From the faithful ministry of three pioneering African-American pastors—Lemuel Haynes, Daniel A. Payne, and Francis J. Grimké—readers will gain a fresh vision for their own ministry.


Coming Up Next Week: Books by K. Scott Oliphint

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*Note: Some discounts may be unavailable outside the United States due to international rights agreements.

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Bonhoeffer’s 7 Ministries of the Church

Adapted from Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life: From the Cross, for the World by Stephen J. Nichols.

“Lord, what would you have me to do?”

If Bonhoeffer were to meet a person with such questions he would say:

Do something. Serve somebody. That is ministry. That is God’s will.

Certainly there is legitimacy to taking stock and being strategic and asking soul-searching questions. There’s also a place for waiting on God, for times of withdrawal and personal meditation. But sometimes we overthink it, and sometimes we overindulge the self.

In Bonhoeffer’s thinking, every child of God is a minister; all Christians are called to ministry. Bonhoeffer sees our task of ministry in seven particular ministries in the church (listed in Life Together). All of us can do at least one of them well, many can do a few of them well, and even a few gifted individuals in the church can do them all well.

In other words, we can all do something. We are all called to ministry.

For Bonhoeffer, ministry is not about power and authority, but service. The word itself, diakonia, means service, a word held in high esteem by Bonhoeffer. His list of ministries, then, reflects this fundamental starting point of what ministry is about.

  1. The ministry of holding one’s tongue

    Bonhoeffer pegs silence as a self-discipline worthy of highest virtue. “Where the discipline of the tongue is practiced right from the beginning, each individual will make a matchless discovery. He will be able to cease from constantly scrutinizing the other person, judging him, condemning him, putting him in a particular place where he can gain ascendency over him.”

  2. The ministry of meekness

    “He who would learn to serve must first to learn to think little of himself.”

  3. The ministry of listening

    Listening—attentive, sympathetic listening—comes far too hard for us. Comparatively, talking comes far too easy. It’s the reason James the brother of Jesus had to warn us to be “quick to hear” and “slow to speak” (James 1:19) and not the other way around. As Bonhoeffer points out, “He who can no longer listen to his brother will soon be no longer listening to God either; he will be doing nothing but prattle in the presence of God too.”

  4. The ministry of helpfulness

    Bonhoeffer challenges us here to “be interrupted by God,” to put our plans on hold and to help those who come across our path and need help.

  5. The ministry of bearing

    Not only are we called to help, but we are also called to bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2). Bonhoeffer speaks of it as our duty; in fact, he says, “It is the fellowship of the cross to bear the burden of the other. If one does not experience it, the fellowship he belongs to is not Christian. If any member refuses to bear that burden he denies the law of Christ.”

  6. The ministry of proclaiming

    Once these first five ministries and their respective obligations are in place, then Bonhoeffer turns to the “platform” ministries. Bonhoeffer stresses the need for authentic Christian living before the action of proclamation. To put this colloquially, one needs to “walk the walk.”

  7. The ministry of authority

    The exercise of pastoral authority—the second of the “platform” ministries. Bonhoeffer makes the case that without the first five ministries, the platform ministries, just like the preaching in the opening scene of his novel, become little more than the bellowing of hot air.

For a more in-depth look at these ministries and other reflections on Bonhoeffer’s understanding of the Christian life, learn more, download an excerpt, or buy now.


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“On the Christian Life” Series Co-editors, Justin Taylor and Stephen J. Nichols, Discuss the Newest Addition

DIETRICH BONHOEFFER died a martyr’s death at the young age of 39 and remains one of the most influential pastor-theologians of our time. His writings teach us the value of cross-centered theology, and his courageous actions against the Nazi regime compel us to consider the cost of discipleship.

With insight, clarity, and wisdom, Stephen Nichols guides readers through the words and deeds of this humble yet heroic pastor, whose example shows us that the heart of the Christian’s life flows from the cross, for the world.

Watch as series co-editors, Justin Taylor and Stephen J. Nichols, discuss Nichols’s newest addition—Bonhoeffer on the Christian Life—and the series as a whole.

Video Time-stamp Index:

0:00 Pronouncing Bonhoeffer
0:31 Vision for the “on the Christian Life” Series
2:44 Why study Bonhoeffer?
3:19 The short but fruitful life of Bonhoeffer
5:08 Was Bonhoeffer an evangelical? Was he orthodox?
6:14 Bonhoeffer’s understanding of the Trinity
6:46 Bonhoeffer’s stance on justification
8:16 Bonhoeffer’s view of Scripture
12:10 How does this book differ from Eric Metaxas’s Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy?
14:40 Conclusion: A great next step after reading Metaxas’s biography

Learn more | Preview an excerpt | Buy now


Weekly Ebook Deals: Summer Reading!

While summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, it’s not too early to plan your reading list.

To help you out, we’ve discounted several ebooks we think you’ll enjoy reading on the beach, in the mountains, or as you relax at home.

To learn more about each book, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org. You’ll also find the discounted ebooks at their reduced prices on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshout, Christianbook.com, eChristian, ibooks (apple), Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 6/10/2013.*

Discounted Ebooks:

The Sword

The Sword: A Novel

By Bryan M. Litfin

$12.99 $3.99

Packed with page-turning action and adventure, this novel poses the question, “If a society had no knowledge of Christianity, and then a Bible were discovered, what would happen?”

Part 1 of the Chiveis Trilogy

The Gift

The Gift: A Novel

By Bryan M. Litfin

$12.99 $3.99

After their exile from Chiveis in The Sword, Teo and Ana journey into new lands in search of the New Testament. In the midst of dangerous terrain, elite societies, and new enemies, will they be successful in their mission?

Part 2 of the Chiveis Trilogy

The Kingdom

The Kingdom: A Novel

By Bryan M. Litfin

$12.99 $3.99

In book three of the Chiveis Trilogy, a dark alliance threatens to consume the known world, and Teo and Ana must amass an army to fight for the Word of God.

Part 3 of the Chiveis Trilogy

Past Darkness

Past Darkness: A Novel New Release!

By Laurel Woiwode

$9.99 $4.99

Where do we turn when tragedy strikes? That’s the question Gabrielle Larson must wrestle with in this uplifting story of healing in the midst of brokenness, of God’s grace breaking through the hardness of a human heart.

The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy

The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy (3-in-1 Volume)

By Penelope Wilcock

$11.99 $3.99

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wilcock’s captivating tales, this rereleased trilogy of monastic life reflects the timeless human drama of people learning to love and to receive God’s grace.

Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis

Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis

By George Sayer

$19.99 $4.99

Written by a longtime friend and colleague of the man his friends called “Jack,” this definitive biography of C. S. Lewis recounts the great scholar’s relationships and experiences.

A perfect book to prepare for this year’s Desiring God National Conference.

Coming Up Next: Fathers Day!

Father’s day is Sunday, June 16th. While we’ll have ebooks dad will like on sale next week, we thought we’d help you sample some of them ahead of time. Click your preferred format below to download our free sampler with selections on biblical manhood.



*Note: Some discounts may be unavailable outside the United States due to international rights agreements.

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More with Dr. Gregory Thornbury, Including Insight into His Friendship with Carl Henry

In March, Crossway had the privilege of publishing Dr. Gregory Thornbury’s most recent work, Recovering Classic Evangelicalism: Applying the Wisdom and Vision of Carl F. H. HenryAfter discussing his book with John Wilson (video here), Dr. Thornbury answered some additional questions about his relationship with Carl Henry and other topics of relevance for evangelicals today.

Below are the questions we asked and the video of Dr. Thornbury’s engaging responses (2–4 minutes each).

Why was it important to write a book about Carl Henry now?


How did your friendship with Dr. Henry come about?


What is classic evangelicalism?


How did Henry influence evangelicalism?


Why do some have a negative view of Dr. Henry?


What can we learn from the legacy of Carl Henry?

Learn more about Recovering Classic Evangelicalism at Crossway.org or download a PDF excerpt.