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Online Gospel Transformation Bible Now Available

The print editions of the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible have been available for a couple weeks now, but we want to remind you that it’s also available in several digital formats as well.

The online web app, hosted on ESVBible.org, is tightly integrated with all the study tools ESVBible.org offers and is free for everyone who purchases a print edition of the Gospel Transformation Bible.

This online edition is also available for purchase separately as a web app/ebook bundle. When you purchase the web app from Crossway.org, you’ll get free access to the ebook version (.epub and .mobi formats).

Finally, we’re excited to announce that within the next 3 to 4 weeks we expect to release the Gospel Transformation Bible mobile app for iOS (Android version to follow). The mobile app will automatically sync notes, highlights, and favorited verses with your ESVBible.org account. 

It’s our fervent prayer that the Lord would use the Gospel Transformation Bible to build up his church, and that through it readers would increasingly see Christ in all of Scripture and grace for all of life. 

(Teaser: We’re also very close to updating the ESV Bible and ESV Study Bible apps to sync with your ESVBible.org account. While we can’t be specific about the exact date, you can expect this within the next few weeks – before the release of the GTB mobile app. More from us on this exciting development soon!)


ESV Gospel Transformation Bible Now Available

The ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is now available from Crossway.org, other online retailers, and in bookstores.

The best way to learn more about the Gospel Transformation Bible is to get a feel for it yourself by downloading the digital sampler or the full book of Jeremiah. We also encourage you to watch the below video introduction to the project, along with an interview with the Bible’s general editor, Dr. Bryan Chapell.

We pray this is a powerful resource for the building up of God’s church. May he use it for his glory!

The Gospel Transformation Bible As Sermon, Not Lecture

The following from Dane Ortlund, Crossway’s Senior Vice President of Bible Publishing, is perhaps the best description of the Gospel Transformation Bible:

If other study Bibles perform the function of a lecture, the Gospel Transformation Bible is a sermon—not a “Do better!” sermon but rather a sermon that helps believers see how Christ is the point of the whole Bible, passage by passage. No other study Bible is intended to give believers a grace “lens” for reading the entire Bible. So while the notes of the Gospel Transformation Bible do a specific thing—highlight God’s redemptive purposes unfolding through history—the notes are not for a certain niche but for everyone, because everyone is a sinner in need of grace. In essence, our hope is for the Gospel Transformation Bible to help people unlearn the various wrong ways of reading the Bible that burden and deaden. We want to help people see the life-giving nature of the Word of God as a word of grace.


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Free Download: “Jeremiah” from the Gospel Transformation Bible

To help readers preview the Gospel Transformation Bible, we’ve made the complete book of Jeremiah available for free download. Respected Old Testament scholar Graeme Goldsworthy prepared the introduction and study notes for this important book.

For a sampling of other books of the Bible, download the full sampler.

As a reminder, there’s only one week left in the Gospel Transformation Bible pre-order sale – all editions 50% off. The sale runs through Labor Day, September 2, so be sure to order soon!

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Gospel Transformation Bible Pre-Order Sale: All Editions 50% Off

The ESV Gospel Transformation Bible is available at a significant pre-order rate on Crossway.org. All 9 editions are currently available for 50% off. This special pre-order sale ends September 2, so order soon!

For a list of the available editions with updated pricing, visit our editions page.

For an early look at the interior of the Gospel Transformation Bible, be sure to download the pdf sampler.

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