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Premium Covers, Abba Bibles, and a Ministry of Mercy

Crossway offers several high-quality leather ESV Bibles like the lambskin Personal Size Reference or the calfskin ESV Study Bible. These leather covers are supple and durable, ensuring the Bibles lie flat and last for decades. Each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Many of these premium covers are made by Abba Bibles in Mexico City. Abba began as a local church ministry, employing single mothers, the disabled, and others struggling to find steady work in their area. Over the years this small facility in Mexico has developed a reputation for producing beautiful, high quality Bible covers, as well as repairing or rebinding Bibles on a custom basis.

We’ve chosen Abba to cover our Bibles for a couple of reasons. Abba makes arguably the best handmade Bible covers found anywhere in the world. They use a very high quality grade of leather, and every step of the process is done by hand, from the cutting of the leather to the application of adhesives (see photos at the bottom of the post). But more importantly, we love working with Abba because of their heart for ministry to those in need. They provide income and a safe work environment for many on the margins of society.

Given their humble origins and limited space and equipment, the Bible covers Abba produces are truly remarkable. We’re grateful for their partnership in this publishing ministry.

A complete cowhide. This one piece will produce numerous Bible covers. The scraps are used for other projects.

Adhesive is applied to the edges of each cover and then folded in for a snug fit. Some editions will feature sewn edges.

The "block" of pages is glued in with an added end sheet that enhances durability and presentation. Though Abba can complete this step in-house, they generally ship the covers to a separate printing facility in the U.S. where the page blocks are added.

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5 New ESV Editions Available Before Fall 2012

We have lot of exciting Bible editions in store for the ESV in 2012. We’ve listed below five of the new editions, each available for order from Crossway.org or your favorite retailer by the end of the listed month (the Large Print Compact is already available). We have even more in store for 2012, so keep an eye out in the coming months.


Large Print Compact Bible The goal for the Large Print Compact Bible was to combine the convenience of a smaller trim size with the readability that comes with larger type. It features line-matching, a production process that aligns ink on both sides of a page, minimizing show-through. We’ve released it in four TruTone editions, but have plans for more cover options. You can download a pdf excerpt of the interior and compare it to the interior of the original Compact Bible. Below are some comparison photos between the two (Large Print Compact on the left):


Vintage Thinline Bible – This is a premium Bible at an affordable price. It features an interior identical to that of the original Thinline Bible, and will come in four cowhide covers available for $99 each. Each cover is crafted by hand, but comes from three pieces of leather instead of one. This makes for a high quality cover with lower production costs. The four covers are pictured below:


Verse-by-Verse Reference Bible – The ESV Verse-by-Verse Reference Bible features the Bible text in a single-column format. Displaying each verse on its own line, the Verse-by-Verse Reference Bible was especially designed for preaching, teaching, and in-depth Bible study. We’ve had a lot of requests from pastors for a Bible like this, and hope it’s a helpful edition for everyone who studies and teaches God’s Word! It will be initially released in three covers. Download a pdf excerpt of the interior.


Large Print Thinline Reference Bible – This Bible combines the Thinline features with cross-references and a larger type size. The cross-references are located in the bottom corner of each page to help keep the bulk down. Even though the type size is very readable, the Large Print Thinline Reference Bible is still close to one inch thin. This is another edition that will feature line-matching. It will be initially published with four cover options, including a top grain leather edition. Download a pdf excerpt of the interior and compare it to the interior of the original Thinline Bible. Below are photos comparing the two (Large Print Thinline Reference on the left). (Please note the Large Print Thinline Reference Bible below is a pre-production mockup. It’s pictured here for dimension comparisons only.)


Single Column Journaling BibleBuilding off the popularity of the original Journaling Bible, we’re releasing a single-column version. Like the original, it will feature two-inch lined margins, but each line of Bible text now has its own line for writing sermon notes, prayers, or other observations you might have. It will be initially published in three cover options. Compare the interior of the Single Column Journaling Bible with that of the original. Below are photos comparing the two (Single Column Journaling Bible on the left). (Please note the Single Column Journaling Bible below is a pre-production mockup. It’s pictured here for dimension comparisons only.)

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Top Grain Leather Single Column Legacy Bible Now Shipping

We’re thrilled to announce that the ESV Single Column Legacy Bible, Top Grain Leather Edition has arrived in our warehouses and will be shipping soon. The Single Column Legacy Bible was originally published in January 2012, but the Top Grain Leather Edition had some manufacturing defects. A number of you have been patiently waiting for it’s arrival. It’s immediately available for sale on our website, and we’re prioritizing our shipments to other distributors. For more information on the Single Column Legacy Bible, see our original blog post.

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Closeout Sale: 85% Discount on Limited Edition New Classic Reference Bible

The New Classic Reference Bible, Commemorative Edition was created in honor of the 400th anniversary of the King James Version. It features a beautifully designed cloth cover and five pieces of art from The Four Holy Gospels, by renowned artist Makoto Fujimura. This Bible was published for a handful of special events, but we’re making the remaining editions of this single print-run available for a limited time at an extraordinary price.

While supplies last, we’re offering it at a limited-time, special 85% discount—that’s $10.00 for each Bible!

We’re expecting inventory to move quickly, so be sure to take advantage of this offer soon!

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3 People Who Will Use The Paperback ESV Study Bible

The ESV Study Bible, Personal Size paperback edition is now available on Crossway.org for $29.99 ($22.50 for Impact members), as well as Amazon, WTS Books, CBD, and others. This edition contains all the content of the original ESV Study Bible, with the exception of some of the articles going online to save space. And while it’s a paperback, it still has a sewn binding, which means the pages won’t fall out after extended use.

We think this will be a useful format in general, but especially for the following:

1. The Student – If you’re taking a course on the Bible, this could be a great companion resource. The book introductions and study notes are helpful for quickly getting the gist of a Bible book or passage.  Some professors are even starting to assign the ESV Study Bible as a required text for their classes, and those students can save some money with the paperback edition.

2. The Traveler – Have you ever tried to take your Bible somewhere and opened up your bag only to discover your Bible’s pages smashed, or the cover bent at an awkward angle? Sometimes it’s nice to have a Bible dedicated for “wear and tear.” This is an inexpensive but resource-packed edition for anyone wanting to travel with a study Bible.

3. The Church Leader – An ESV Study Bible with a lower price makes it easier to buy Study Bibles in bulk. Pastors and church leaders can consider giving paperback ESV Study Bibles to new Christians, small groups, or those involved in discipleship programs. This is an affordable training resource that can help churches equip their congregation for spiritual growth.

Learn more about the ESV Study Bible, Personal Size.

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