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ESV Student Study Bible Video Trailer

For those who’ve been patiently waiting, the ESV Student Study Bible is finally in our warehouse and will ship by the end of the month.

Here is the new, official, video trailer:

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5 Differences Between the ESV Study Bible and the ESV Student Study Bible

We’ve recently been telling you about the new ESV Student Study Bible, coming this July. You may be wondering how it’s different than the ESV Study Bible, and which resource would best fit your needs. Although the ESV Student Study Bible is adapted from the ESV Study Bible, here are 5 ways in which it’s different:

  1. Condensed study notes – The Student Study Bible study notes are essentially a streamlined version of the original Study Bible‘s notes. With 20,000 study notes in the original and 12,000 in the new Student Study Bible, both study Bibles maintain a high level of biblical and theological insight.
  2. Page layout – While the original Study Bible has a single-column layout, the new Student Study Bible has double-column text, leading to a considerably shorter page count and slimmer profile.
  3. Shorter book introductions – The Student Study Bible limits its book introductions to two pages, providing a snapshot of the book and including a map and timeline in each. The original Study Bible‘s introductions are longer and more in-depth.
  4. Different articles – 15 brand new articles have been written for the Student Study Bible, covering topics such as doctrine, ethics, and how to apply the Bible. None of the original Study Bible‘s 50 articles are included.
  5. Three new unique features – The Student Study Bible includes three features that have no counterpart to the original Study Bible: “Did You Know” facts, Character profiles, and a glossary. All three of these are tailored to help students understand the Bible better and distill important information at a glance.

You can download a pdf comparing a full list of features between the two study Bibles.

Overall, the Student Study Bible is slimmer and lighter than the original Study Bible. If you’re looking for a portable study Bible that still has great, theologically rich content, or a study Bible that might be a less daunting resource for a student or new Christian, you should consider the Student Study Bible. If you’re consistently doing concentrated Bible study and regularly need content that goes more in-depth, the original Study Bible could be a one-stop resource for you.

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Pre-Order the ESV Student Study Bible, Get a Free Book.

UPDATE: This special has expired.

The forthcoming ESV Student Study Bible has been available for pre-order for a couple months now. For a limited time, not only can you pre-order the ESV Student Study Bible for 30% off, but you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God (paperback), by John Piper.

These two resources are ways to equip your student for serious Bible study. The ESV Student Study Bible is adapted from the original ESV Study Bible and features notes, special facts, character profiles, and more – all in a considerably slimmer profile. Think explores why thinking carefully and accurately about God can fuel our affections for God.

This is a unique bundle that’s perfect as a gift for high school and college students.

The offer is only good for two weeks, so pre-order today at www.crossway.org/SSBTHK.

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The ESV Student Study Bible (Available for Pre-Order)

This July we’ll be adding an exciting new Bible to our lineup: the ESV Student Study Bible. For the month of April you can pre-order this new Bible at a 35% discount on Crossway.org. Simply follow this link or use the coupon code SSB at checkout.

Adapted from the ESV Study Bible, the ESV Student Study Bible is ideal for the high school and college student.  It contains condensed study notes and some of the maps, charts, and illustrations found in the original Study Bible, but is also packed with its own set of all-new features. Concise introductions, hundreds of “Did You Know?” boxes, character profiles in every book, and 15 topical articles in the back are included, as well as cross-references, a concordance, and a glossary.

Though created with a student audience in view, the Student Study Bible is rich in content and will be useful to readers of all ages. In addition, the condensed study notes and a double-column format make the ESV Student Study Bible an attractive, stream-lined option for those wanting a study Bible with a smaller profile. We invite you to preview the Gospel of Mark sampler below or download the PDF (7 MBs).

The ESV Student Study Bible will be printed initially in a hardcover edition, as well as taupe and navy TruTone® editions.

To trigger this limited time discount, follow this link and navigate to the different editions. Clicking the “Pre-order” button will display the discounted rate.

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Putting the New Study Bible Size in Perspective

Here’s an inside look at the new ESV Study Bible, Personal Size (available in January 2011)!

This condensed Study Bible compresses all of the original study notes, full color maps and illustrations, charts, timelines, and intros. Some of the articles have been removed from this edition and moved to the web where it can be accessed for free with your esvonline.org code (included with the purchase of this Bible). Pre-order your copy today! Also available in genuine leather and Trutone.

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