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An Interview with David Dockery

97814335067961Justin Taylor interviews Dr. David Dockery on Southern Baptist Identity (June 2009).

Southern Baptist Identity gives readers an inside look at the Southern Baptist Convention as 16 leaders address key issues and pave the way for necessary renewal. This volume is intended to strengthen the SBC as well as offer practical insight to other denominations facing similar issues.

Contributors include:

  • R. Albert Mohler Jr. on Southern Baptist Identity: Is There a Future?
  • R. Stanton Norman on Southern Baptist Identity: A Theological Perspective
  • Gregory A. Wills on Southern Baptist Identity: A Historical Perspective
  • Timothy George on Is Jesus a Baptist?
  • Russel D. Moore on Learning from Nineteenth-Century Baptists
  • Paige Patterson on Learning from the Anabaptists
  • James Leo Garrett on The Roots of Baptist Beliefs
  • Morris H. Chapman on Axioms of a Cooperating Southern Baptist
  • Ed Stetzer on Toward a Missional Convention
  • Jim Shaddix on The Future of the Traditional Church
  • Thom S. Rainer on Evangelism and Church Growth in the SBC
  • Michael Day on The Future of State Conventions and Associations
  • Richard Land on A Free Church in a Free Society
  • Nathan A. Finn on Priorities for a Post-Resurgence Convention
  • Daniel L. Akin on A Future-Directed Proposal for the SBC
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Adopted for Life: A Video Chat with Russell Moore

Watch on Between Two Worlds as Justin Taylor and Russell Moore discuss the recent release, Adopted for Life. 97815813491151

Other people are telling you to read the book too:

“…this is a compelling and convicting book. It could change your life. Read at your own risk!” (Read more).

“…is one of the most hard-hitting, in-your-face and you-have-no-more-excuses book that I have read about adoption (from a Christian perspective) that I have seen yet.” (Read more).

“I believe this book will have a significant impact on many Christians and churches. Every pastor needs to read this book and communicate its truths to his church.” (Read more).

“The moment I finished reading Adopted for Life by Russell Moore, I did something I rarely do: I sent the author an e-mail thanking him for the way he blessed me through his writing.” (Read more).

“Some books are dangerous, and Russ Moore’s Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches is a dangerous book. It is dangerous in the way Bonhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship or Life Together is dangerous, because if you take the book seriously it may alter your life significantly and, to be honest, perhaps in ways not entirely welcome.” (Read more).

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A Week with Kenneth Matthews on Moody Radio

web_cover_image1Kenneth Matthews will be airing on Moody Radio’s Prime Time America every day this week at 4:46pm CT discussing Leviticus: Holy God, Holy People, the most recent title in Crossway’s Preaching the Word series.

Preaching the Word is a commentary series committed to biblical authority, clear exposition of Scripture, readability, and practical application. We encourage pastors and teachers as well as those committed to personal Bible study to tune in and learn more! Listen here.

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Nöel Piper and Christin Ditchfied Interviewing Live Today

Nöel Piper will be interviewing live today (June 4th) with Kevin Boling at 1pm EST to discuss her new release Do You Want a Friend? Christin Ditchfield will be following at 1:30pm EST discussing  A Family Guide to the Bible. Be sure to tune in for live streaming at sermonaudio.com. These are both titles of interest for families seeking Christ-centered children books and resources.

What others are saying:





“Christin Ditchfield has done it again! She has produced yet another resource that is filled with solid content and fresh insights, plus practical application for daily living. For those who are serious about going deeper in their understanding of the Bible and who want to anchor their families on the rock of God’s truth, I enthusiastically recommend A Family Guide to the Bible.”
Alex McFarland, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary and Veritas Graduate School

“This is an incredible resource to help families get more familiar with the life-transforming message of the Bible. A Family Guide to the Bible will be a wonderful help to having people get to know the Bible and fall in love with the beauty of the Word of God.”
Jim Burns, President, HomeWord, author of Confident Parenting

The Family Guide to the Bible is a helpful tool for parents who are serious about giving their children a comprehensive survey of scripture and a love for their God. Whether being used for family reading or for individual study this resource will help parents and children alike in their study of God’s word.
Steve Murphy
, Publisher, Homeschooling Today Magazine

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Bruce Ware live on the Al Mohler Program


Bruce Ware will be discussing Big Truths for Young Hearts live at 5pm EST on the Al Mohler Program. Listen here. This is a great resource for parents striving to train their children in Biblical truth.

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