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Video: The ESV Around the World

Rev. Dr. Miller Milloy is the former General Secretary of the United Bible Society, an organization that works with dozens of Bible societies around the world to distribute God’s Word. He currently is serving as a global ambassador for the ESV translation, leading efforts to help Bible societies publish the ESV in their own editions. At the recent ICRS Crossway banquet, Dr. Milloy detailed some of the exciting projects happening around the world with the ESV.

If you missed our previous posts on the ICRS banquet, be sure to check out the dramatic reading of Scripture by Marquis Laughlin and the presentation by John Piper.

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Video: Marquis Laughlin’s Dramatic Reading of the ESV at ICRS 2011

Crossway hosted a banquet at ICRS 2011 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, its legacy, and its influence in the development of the ESV translation. Just before John Piper spoke on “7 Reasons Why the Word of God is Infinitely Valuable”, Marquis Laughlin did this powerful dramatic reading of Scripture:

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John Piper – 7 Reasons Why the Word of God is Infinitely Valuable

The International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) is a trade show held every year, bringing together publishers, distributers, manufacturers, and retailers. This year’s ICRS was held in July in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the event Crossway hosted a banquet for authors, retailers, and other partners in our ministry. At the banquet, John Piper spoke on the history of the ESV, tracing its lineage from William Tyndale through the KJV to the present day. He also delivered a short but powerful sermon (15:48) giving 7 reasons why the Word of God is of infinite value. For many present it was one of the highlights of the entire week.

This keynote address is included in its entirety below:

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ESV Bible + App (with ESV Study Bible) Now Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad


Crossway is pleased to announce the new ESV Bible+ App for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We’re grateful for your feedback and hope you enjoy the suggestions that we’ve implemented. In addition to the current features of the ESV app, ESV Bible + includes:

  • All of the ESV Study Bible notes and resources
  • ESV audio with text scrolling
  • An index of Study Bible Articles
  • Snap-Back feature for returning to previous screen
  • New My Notes interface, which will sync with your ESV Online account in the coming months

The ESV Bible + App is now available in the App Store! Be sure to take advantage of the $9.99 introductory price, valid for the next 48 hours. Introductory pricing will continue at $12.99 through Saturday August 7 at which point it will retail for $14.99. Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, and support as we continue to pursue innovative ways to make the Bible more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Crossway’s ESV iPhone/iPod Touch App

Crossway has been working on several innovative tools to serve you in your study of God’s Word. Today, we’re excited to make the first of several new product announcements. In a few short weeks an innovative application will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Some of its features:

  • Use. The ESV Bible App downloads to your iPhone or iPod touch and offers a fantastic user experience, online or offline. Finding a verse is fast and easy. Jump from a cross-reference or footnote back to your passage with seamless fluidity.
  • Read. Scroll through the entire Bible in landscape or full screen modes and enlarge or shrink font sizes to fit your needs. The ESV Bible App emulates the same unique typography users encounter with print versions of the ESV.
  • Search. Ever had a verse on the tip of your tongue but can’t remember where it’s found? Search for it with the Bible App’s comprehensive concordance.
  • Write. With the ability to record notes, you can capture your thoughts and observations in a sermon or personal Bible study.
  • Highlight. Highlight verses by simply pressing on them. Save them in your favorites for future reference.
  • Share. Share verses with friends and family via email and Twitter (Facebook in a later update).
  • Manage. Add, delete, or reorder your verse favorites. Save your own user-defined preferences.

Continue to monitor the Crossway Blog for new developments with our digital resources

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