Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day that commemorates Jesus’ death. Here is John 18-19, which chronicles the event. Also listen to John 18 and John 19 (mp3s). Betrayal and Arrest »

Origin of Red-Letter Bibles

In keeping with yesterday’s post about the history of Bible printing, today we offer the following history of Bibles with the words of Christ printed in red (i »

Celebrating the Printed Bible

March 22, 1457—549 years ago today—is the usual (if inaccurate) date given for the printing of the first book using movable type: the Gutenberg Bible. We thought we »

New Testament Citations of the Old Testament

At the Logos Bible Software blog, they’ve been discussing power-law relationships of biblical citations. (In other words, the number of verse citations generally follows a smooth curve. See their »

Justin Taylor Joins ESV Study Bible Team

As of January 30, Justin Taylor will be joining Crossway as Managing Editor for the ESV Study Bible, which is coming out in late 2008 or 2009. Prior to joining »