Brush Up on Your Bible at offers over thirty courses you can download for free over the Internet to help you deepen your knowledge of the Bible, theology, and church history. A number of »

Building Your Own Blank Bible

Tony at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook recounts how he made his own ESV blank Bible (blank pages interleaved with the Bible text) patterned after Jonathan Edwards’s. Part 1 gives »

Preface to the Reverse Interlinear New Testament

Crossway has posted the preface and introduction (pdf) to the ESV Reverse Interlinear New Testament. We reproduce the preface below. The pdf at Crossway’s site also explains some of »

ESV Sales Growing at a Fast Clip Worldwide

Crossway has published two ESV-related press releases in the past two weeks; below are some excerpts. We particularly want to call your attention to J. I. Packer’s quote in »

Why Most Bibles Have Two Columns

Reader Jim asks via email why most Bibles have two columns, unlike the single column of most other printed books. The answer has three parts: economics, readability, and history. Economics »