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Literary Study Bible Review

Forrest at Van Til Tool reviews the ESV Literary Study Bible:

By highlighting the importance of the artistic aspect of Scripture the Literary Study Bible should be helpful in bringing to attention the artistic aspect of God Himself. By inspiring the writing of Scripture as a work of literary artistry God shows His concern for the literary arts just as the artistic aspect of His creatures shows His concern for the visual arts. These together with God’s dramatic artistry as the Playwright of history leads us to realize that God is a very creative, beautiful, imaginative, and interesting Person — a great truth which has heretofore usually been egregiously omitted in the Doctrine of God in our systematic theologies.

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ESV Pocket New Testament Review

Matt at The Foolish Galatian reviews the ESV Pocket New Testament:

Overall, this is quite a nice little book. The tru-tone sewn binding makes for a quality look and feel at a MUCH cheaper price than the goat and calf skin varieties. Its readability is far better than I had anticipated when I first purchased it, and the ESV translation is second to none. On a scale of one to ten, I give it a high 9.

We don’t often see reviews of ESV Pocket New Testaments. Thanks, Matt, for the review.

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Translating 2 Timothy 2:1

Ken at Ken’s Thoughts shares how accurately he thinks the ESV translates 2 Timothy 2:1:

The original language is clear in this verse, that the very first thing we must realize is that we must be empowered and strengthened by the grace that is in Christ if we are to be effective servants….

So, what does the ESV have to say?

“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus,”

Exactly what Paul said.

Ken also makes a good case for comparing several translations to get a fuller sense of a verse’s meaning.

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A Six-Year Journey to the ESV

Dan at Servant’s Heart Fellowship shares why it took him nearly six years to start using the ESV in his preaching:

So what took so long for me to begin using it from the pulpit? Did I change my mind? No, but even though I loved the translation, I was curious to see if the ESV would become widely accepted by other evangelicals. It did. You can check out http://www.esv.org/ and see for yourself who endorses it. I also hesitated back in 2002 because I have this (perhaps sinful) resistance to jumping on bandwagons…. It turns out my hesitancy was totally unnecessary. The ESV is widely accepted and is quickly becoming the standard for many Christians. Including me.

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ESV Personal Size Reference Bible Review

Rae at raewhitlock.com reviews the ESV Personal Size Reference Bible on the classic continuum of “epic fail” to “epic win” and manages not to use the word “pwn” in his review. His conclusion:

With its combination of a great translation and a fantastic size and layout, I have a feeling that the PSR will be my primary Bible for reading, studying, teaching, and preaching for many years to come (despite the . . . passable binding). I wholeheartedly commend this edition to anyone looking for a new Bible, and recommend one of the TruTone editions if you have no plans to re-bind.

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