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Automatically Add Bible Links to Your Site with Logos RefTagger

Logos just upgraded their free RefTagger tool, which lets you automatically link Bible references on your website using only a few lines of JavaScript. The new version lets you preview the verses right from your site. Here’s how it looks:

A popup shows the text of Matthew 5:1-2 from the ESV

RefTagger is an easy and unobtrusive way to share the text of the Bible with visitors to your website. If you run a WordPress blog, Chris Roberts’s WordPress ESV Plugin gives you similar functionality on the server side (and it uses the ESV API). But if you’re looking for something you can use everywhere, RefTagger is worth exploring.

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Calvary Church (Charlotte) Switches to the ESV

Calvary Church, a large church in Charlotte, N.C., recently explained why they plan to use the ESV (PDF):

“I have been studying the ESV for the last couple of years and believe that it is the best translation to have in our pews. Not only is it very accurate and precise, it is… outstanding for memorization of Scripture, public reading, as well as private study…. I am confident that you will grow to love this translation. It is a great choice for children, young people, and new believers, as well as for those wishing to have a reliable translation for serious study.”

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Download Gospel of Luke Introduction from the ESV Study Bible

Download the Introduction to the Gospel of Luke from the ESV Study Bible. This new pre-release PDF file shares information about the author, date, purpose, literary features, and key themes of Luke. It also includes a timeline and an overview map, helping you situate Luke in its historical and geographic context. Finally, a detailed outline of the book lets you see at a glance the structure of Luke’s Gospel.

Every book in the ESV Study Bible has an introduction like this one, providing you essential information to enrich your study of God’s Word.

Learn more about the ESV Study Bible, sign up for email newsletters, and get a pre-order discount at www.ESVStudyBible.org.

The 35% pre-order discount ends this Thursday, May 15th, 2008.

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ESV Audio Recording by Stephen Johnston

AMG Publishers recently published a recording of the ESV narrated by Stephen Johnston. The complete Bible is available on MP3 CDs for $16.99 and on audio CDs for $79.99. The New Testament is available on audio CDs for $29.99.

Listen to samples at CBD. It’s also available from Amazon and other stores.

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Deluxe Compact Bibles Now Available

ESV Deluxe Compact Bibles are now available. These Bibles have sewn bindings and a larger, more readable font than existing compact ESVs, as you can see (the Deluxe Compact Bible is on the left):

The Deluxe Compact Bible next to a Compact Thinline Bible shows the larger type of the Deluxe Compact.
Photo by Scott Kay. More Deluxe Compact Bible photos.

Here are the available editions:

Royal Blue (Eternity Design) Sienna (Crossroads Design) Wild Rose (Floral Design) Chestnut (Crown Design)

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