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Read through the Bible a Book at a Time

The blogger at The Journey of Life writes about how he got his Bible reading back on track, inspired by the Literary Study Bible:

I had also obtained a copy of the Literary Study Bible, which is also a godsend. I had never been able to really process the Bible in terms of entire books as opposed to individual chapters, or in particular places, individual verses. Most of us have verses that we’ve committed to memory, but how often do we really look at the whole thing? How many of us really figure out the structure of the book of Numbers? I certainly never had….

My current [Bible-reading] effort is going to focus on reading entire books. For one, it better enables the reader to process the entire book rather than series of passages. Secondly, it doesn’t have a time limit. If you take a week off, you can get back where you left off, or if you forget what happened beforehand, go back to the beginning of the book and reread.

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ESV Study Bible Blog Responses

In the 48 hours since launching the ESV Study Bible website, we’ve been collecting responses from around the web. We’re glad that you’re excited about the ESV Study Bible—we’re excited, too. Keep in mind that the Bible is God’s sacred Word to us. The ESV Study Bible team is working for God’s glory, not ours; any contribution we can make to his kingdom is only because of his grace given to us. Publishing a Bible, especially a study Bible, is a humbling undertaking. We pray that God will use the ESV Study Bible for his glory and to further his kingdom.

With that in mind, here’s every single website we could find that mentions the ESV Study Bible (in no particular order):

  1. The Mission & Vision (Mars Hill Church). Mark Driscoll managed to get some early info last Friday.
  2. Desiring God Blog. “A New Old Book”
  3. Between Two Worlds. Justin is the managing editor for the ESV Study Bible.
  4. JoshHarris.com. “Our church uses the ESV and we’ve been anxiously anticipating the release of this study Bible. Last fall I got to sit with Justin Taylor and Dr. Lane Dennis at Crossway and hear about the vision for the study Bible and see comp pages. All I can say is, ‘Amazing.’”
  5. Bible Design and Binding Blog. “I should also add that I’m impressed by the level of disclosure Crossway has provided. It’s often difficult to get specifics about a Bible, particularly the unglamorous details of design and binding. Knowing in advance about font size, layout, paper quality and binding is a real pleasure.” To address one of the questions in the comments, these eight editions are the only ones coming out this year.
  6. Joshua Blankenship. “The soon-to-be-released English Standard Version Study Bible is typographically gorgeous, filled with illustrations, and the website isn’t bad either.”
  7. The Riddleblog. “It looks great and worth the wait. There are some outstanding features and many solid contributors—including a number of Westminster Seminary California professors.”
  8. Lifesong. “I really want one of these!”
  9. Missio Dei Suburbia. Expect to see ministry opportunities as we get closer to publication.
  10. Boar’s Head Tavern. Several posts in conversation with each other.
  11. Anglican Church League. Just the facts.
  12. New City Church. Tullian Tchividjian writes, “I have no doubt that the arrival of this study Bible will be one of God’s great gifts to his church in the 21st century. Seriously.”
  13. Take your Vitamin Z. “Looks very cool.”
  14. Power of Change. “Despite the fact that all three of my kids are sick today… despite the fact that my property taxes next year will likely be as much as my current house payment… I am a bit jovial today.”
  15. PrewrathRapture.com. “It will be a superb study bible indeed looking over the list of the contributors.”
  16. Dead Theologians Society. “I think this will become the Study Bible that I recommend to the people at my church as well as my friends and family…. Can you tell that I’m VERY excited about this new Study Bible? I believe this will set the standard for Study Bibles in the next few decades. Many of us have waited a long time to hold this book in our hands, and it is clear the wait was well worth it!”
  17. Beaver Baptist Church. “It was my privilege to study under a number of the contributors: Peter Gentry, John Polhill, Thomas Schreiner, and Bruce Ware; and I am familiar with the scholarly work of many of the other contributors. The layout and typesetting is handsome, and the color maps and illustrations look gorgeous. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. If you are thinking about buying a study Bible, hold off until October and check this one out!”
  18. Heidelblog. “Westminster Seminary California faculty members Steve Baugh and Dennis Johnson are among the contributors to the ESV Study Bible. Steve did the notes on Ephesians and Dennis did the notes on the Revelation.”
  19. Not Wholly in Vain…. “Not gonna lie, I’m excited about this.”
  20. The Road to Emmaus. “I received an email today about the ESV Study Bible and its website. The ESV Study Bible has many solid scholars contributing to this project and looks very helpful.”
  21. Discipulus Scripturae. “This just in. The ESV Bible Blog has just announced that the ESV Study Bible website is now active. It is well organized and has all of the information you could want about the editions so check it out.”
  22. Soul deSaenz. “Thats right, a calfskin edition right out of the starting gates!” And the calfskin has two ribbons.
  23. Phoenix Preacher. “Save up your pennies.”
  24. Undone. “Looks like one of the greatest investments for this year.”
  25. Jonathan Herron.com.
  26. The Crimson Window.
  27. Skylark Christian Academy. “Added to my wishlist.”
  28. Orchard Keeper. “Still, study Bibles can be a helpful tool when used rightly. I was excited, therefore, to note that Crossway is producing an ESV Study Bible. Looks like a good volume from the preview on the website. Interestingly, purchasing the Bible gives online access to the entire volume.”
  29. Chris’ Considerations. “Lots to see, why not take a peek?”
  30. Canvas of Constancy.
  31. Ed’s Fallible Thoughts. “It’s arrived!” (Kind of.)
  32. Jason Sessoms. “Well, since I am not at T4G, I have time tonight to surf the web some.”
  33. JayHardwick.com. “Stoked about the soon to be released ESV Study Bible.”
  34. I am a failing, messy, missional, reformed Christian. “The Bible I will be using in October.”
  35. Passion and Obedience. “I have had different study bibles that I have appreciated, but I have never had one that I absolutely wanted to recommend. Now I do!”
  36. Life Together. “Can’t wait to get a copy…. My old college friend, Justin Taylor, deserves a big thank-you for all his work as the Managing Editor of this huge project!”
  37. Total Rip-Off. “A most dangerous study Bible (preview)…. And by dangerous, I mean AWESOME. As in, good.”
  38. An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy. “Hurrah!!”
  39. Redeemer City Church. “This critical publication… will bear significantly upon RCC (not to mention countless other churches and individuals!) in the years to come.”
  40. Weird Thinkers. “For those of you that have been waiting for the ESV Study Bible, they have setup a website that gives full description of it. Enjoy!”
  41. Wordandspirit. “I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming ESV Study Bible which I have earmarked as my next Bible purchase.”
  42. If We’ve Only Got One Life…. “For about the last year, I’ve been pushing the English Standard Version of the Bible pretty hard…. The most interesting [edition of the ESV], however, is the new ESV Study Bible that’s coming out in October 2008.”
  43. *Sarpali.us. “Can you tell I’m excited about this?” To answer the question in the post, we have some ideas about selling online access without a print purchase, but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet.
  44. These Are the Generations of…. “Added to the wish list.”
  45. Take Away the Stone. “It’s supposed to come out in October, but they’re taking pre-sale orders at discounted prices, so go get yours! I know I am!”
  46. Theologymnasium. “/me just a little bit excited.”
  47. Wayne Schuller’s Blog. “It’s coming soon. I must admit I’ve never really like any study Bible—I’d prefer to have a separate book of notes and just a plain bible to read.”
  48. Subverting Mediocrity. “There’s a new ESV Study Bible web site. Not a huge fan of the ‘study’ Bible thing but this is getting a lot of hype. We’ll see.”
  49. TheoSource. “When I visited the new website late this morning I quickly realized that this new study Bible includes a great deal more than I had expected. If you’re at all familiar with the latest and best biblical commentators you’ll be delighted to see how many of them have been enlisted to contribute to this project.”
  50. The Unqualified Theologian. “This will be one of the finest study Bibles ever. Period.” A commenter writes: “Wow. Someone could almost skip the academic parts of seminary armed with that thing.”
  51. Truth or Consequences.
  52. Bathgatesdotnet. “I’ve never been a fan of study Bibles. They’ve always seemed to de-emphasise the (biblical) text, and I sat in too many Bible studies as a teenager in which someone would pipe up with, “Well, this says that…” prompting a barely audible sigh from the group leader…. The ESV Study Bible, however, is something I could make time for.”
  53. Sam’s Conservative Blog. “Check out the website for yourself and you can see why I am so excited about this product. Now we can see the future, and the future is the ESV Study Bible, it will be the standard text for serious seekers of truth from God’s Holy Word.”
  54. Blog of Dan. “This looks very good.”
  55. Discerning the Times. “I cannot contain my slobbering excitement over this new release. I am somewhat of a study bible junkie.”
  56. Subversive Compliance. “Looks good, if a little indulgent.”
  57. Good News. “This looks like a must-have. My only problem is the release date. October 15th? You mean we have to wait six more months?”
  58. Captive to the Word. “The Word of God is not bound! Let [it] loose! Get this Bible!!”
  59. Kaleo. “If you’re in the market for a study Bible, let me suggest you wait until October.”
  60. LenFlack.com. “This is quite exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and have signed up for email news bulletins as info becomes available.” (This post is from March 25.)
  61. Marvelous Light. “It looks like this will be a great study bible.”
  62. A Love for Truth…A Truth that Loves. “Wow. You gotta admit it, this is a pretty impressive study Bible…. Amongst the many names that caught my eye was David Black’s, who has written an article for this publication entitled The Original Languages of the Bible: Greek. As you might recall, I’ve got his Greek grammar, which is top-notch.”
  63. Because I said so. “So when October comes, I’ll be getting a new Bible. I suspect I’ll order it online so I won’t have to tent out in front of a Christian book store somewhere the night before, even though that does sound like a lot of fun.”
  64. An All Round Minister. “The ESV Study Bible will be released this fall. I’m a big fan of ESV and this looks like a great Study Bible.”
  65. Are We There Yet?. If you’ve been attending HLPC for some time you’ll notice that we use the English Standard Version published by Crossway…. We are excited about the ESV and want to encourage its use! Also, the new ESV Study Bible is soon to hit the shelves and looks to be an excellent resource…”
  66. Remembering things. “I think I’m going to wait on a new Bible until this one comes out.”
  67. Revolution in Jesusland. “Among a certain set of intellectual Christians, the release of important new study bibles or reference works is a mirror to the arrival of a piece of sexy technology from Apple in my geek world.”
  68. Bible Geek Gone Wild. “Although I love my current ESV, I may be tempted to upgrade. Well, in as much as you can be tempted to buy a Bible.”
  69. Leukophobia. “Normally I am not too excited about a particular version’s study Bible, but this one promises to deliver in a big way.”
  70. Joie de Vivre. “My birthday present this year will arrive three months late.”
  71. Strengthened by Grace. “Start saving your shekels for this Bible. It will be worth it I believe!”
  72. Surpassing Worth. “I’m going to be the first in line to get my hands on one of those ESV: Study Bibles. I’ll race you! :).”
  73. Moosejaw Musings. “Guess what I will be buying this October?”
  74. Connecting. “While I’m neither pro-ESV nor anti-ESV, I’m looking forward to this study bible.”
  75. The Hope Within.
  76. The Theology Blogger.
  77. Addison’s Walk. “The ESV Study Bible website is now up and has a complete listing of endorsements for the new Bible, due out in October 2008.”
  78. Upside Down Youth.”Are you looking for a new study Bible? Well, you can pre-order one and you will receive it in October 2008…. I’m looking forward to it.”
  79. V7PC Ambassadors. “I will be getting a copy, if not two, of the ESV Study Bible. I intend to use it. From what I can see, this may actually be a very helpful study Bible.”
  80. Theologer. “As my preferred translation, this brightens my already bright mood.”
  81. Just thinking. “As for me, I will definitely get myself the ESV Study Bible. However, there is a downside to the ESV Study Bible… it will only be available October 2008!!”
  82. Ancient Hebrew Poetry. “I note a number of friends on the list [of contributors], both established and up and coming scholars. You can be sure that whatever the notes contain, they will be the focus of a lot of attention for years to come.”
  83. GregQualls.com . “For most of you this won’t be a big deal, but I’m totally geeking out on this one.”
  84. Back Porch Confessions. “My recommendation for this particular study Bible is because the team that put this together is one of the greatest scholarship teams to come along in quite some time.”
  85. Coastal Pastor. “They have launched a website this week with details of what features to expect, a list of the contributors (including someone who grew up in, and currently attends PBC) and some sample pages.”
  86. Ebenezer Reformed Church Pastors Blog. “I can’t wait.”
  87. Sustained by His Word. “I’ve been following this project with interest for awhile, but this is the first real look at what Crossway has come up with. It definitely looks like a high quality product and they certainly have put together a great team to help produce the notes and other information.”
  88. Jamie Steele Live. “The New ESV Study Bible will hit shelves in October and I can’t wait.”
  89. A Disciple of Jesus.
  90. Bangor Baptist Church.
  91. Contemplations of a Young Calvinist. “Brethren, I will get one – either I’ll get it from my birthday or I will buy one, and I really reckon you should get one for your library. From what I’ve said, it is really promising and I will definitely get one.”
  92. Simon’s Space.
  93. sunestauromai. “I was happy to see my preaching professor, Doug Oss, is listed as contributing notes to 2 Peter and Jude!”
  94. Chris the Christian. “I Pre-Ordered mine today”
  95. Craig’s Blog. “Looks good.”
  96. Chosen for Grace. “So I’m a total theology dork and love new resources to help my study, so today is a very good day for me.”
  97. Samuel Arthur Haist. “It’s going to be great. I spent a pretty good chunk of time looking around on the site with my mouth hanging open. I can’t wait.”
  98. Walking with Christ.
  99. mikesantistevan. “I’m really excited about this!”
  100. Todd’s Mindbloggler. “The ESV Study Bible website has launched complete with sample pages, an array of endorsements, and a whole lotta other info.”
  101. Studying the Bible.
  102. JollyBlogger. “Oh yeah, and thanks a lot for making us wait till October to get one. What I wanna know is how come Mark Driscoll got one and I didn’t? Huh? Anybody?”
  103. Reformed Brethren. “I just wish we didn’t have to wait all the way until October to get our hands on this study Bible. (Hey Crossway—are you listening? We could write up a nice review for you for a few early copies! <grin>)” Yes, we’re listening. But even if we want to, we can’t send you stuff unless you publish your email address on your blog so we can get in contact with you.
  104. Church of Grace. “Here is something I am really excited about.”
  105. The Foray. “We-who.” In a separate post, Greg says, “WOW!”
  106. PeterPunch’s Weblog. “Looking forward to the release of the ESV Study Bible!”
  107. Retro Evangelical. “Thank you, Justin Taylor. And Jesus. Not in that order.”
  108. Chernigov.
  109. Be a Forerunner. “The up and coming gold mine of biblical scholarship, research, and resources.” Luke, the post’s author, also found Wikipedia or professional websites for many of the contributors. So head over there if you want to know more about the contributors’ backgrounds.
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Overview of Crossway’s Online Offerings

Jeff at Scripture Zealot provides a good rundown of Crossway’s ESV offerings on the web, from audio to RSS, and even some print Bibles in-between.

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All about the ESV Study Bible

Learn all about the ESV Study Bible, coming October 2008.

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Signing the Bible

Josh at Ephemeros shares an anecdote about J.I. Packer not signing a copy of the ESV:

After I had my book [Knowing God] signed, many more pressed him. He signed books as he answered questions. The insight he provided into the Puritans in those few minutes still have a lasting impact on me. During the conversation, a young man (my age) approached Packer with a newly purchased ESV Bible (of which Packer was a general editor). Excitedly, he asked Packer to sign it and handed it to him. For a few moments Packer held the Bible in his hands, and quietly returned it to the young man. He said, “Son, this is God’s book. If you want it signed you will need to ask him.”

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