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Upcoming ESVs with New Covers

Here are the new ESV Bibles that are coming out in the next few months. These Bibles present new covers for popular existing typesettings. All these Bibles have sewn bindings except for the Thinline.

Classic Reference

ESV Classic Reference TruTone (Chestnut, Eternity Design)
ESV Classic Reference TruTone (Chestnut, Eternity Design). ISBN 9781433502330.

Personal Size Reference

ESV Personal Size Reference TruTone (Navy/Khaki/Pearl, Horizon Design)
ESV Personal Size Reference TruTone (Navy/Khaki/Pearl, Horizon Design). ISBN 9781433502354.

ESV Personal Size Reference TruTone (Forest/Tan, Trail Design)
ESV Personal Size Reference TruTone (Forest/Tan, Trail Design). ISBN 9781433502361.

Single Column Reference

ESV Single Column Reference TruTone (Brown/Cordovan, Portfolio Design)
ESV Single Column Reference TruTone (Brown/Cordovan, Portfolio Design). ISBN 9781433502378.


ESV Thinline TruTone (Brick, Crossroads Design)
ESV Thinline TruTone (Brick, Crossroads Design). ISBN 9781433502323.

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Review of Thirteen Bible Software Programs

Jerry at FosterTribe has written extensive reviews of thirteen Bible software programs. The ESV is available for nearly all the reviewed programs.

Jerry shares a few caveats about the reviews:

First, I have a specific user in mind when I write my reviews: Me. A lay person who is interested in Bible software for personal study and teaching, yet does not have extra time or money. That’s not to say that a full-time pastor or seminary student wouldn’t benefit from these reviews, or wouldn’t agree with my conclusions, only that I did not have them in mind when I tested each product.

For instance, I did not test a product’s Greek and Hebrew tools. All of the products reviewed provide basic Greek and Hebrew texts and word lookups. Some of them offer much deeper Greek and Hebrew studies, but I did not explore those options.

It also means I didn’t test every feature of each product. I just wanted to give a solid overview of basic functionality and usefulness, concentrating on the features that are useful and interesting to me.

Second, I did my best to provide accurate reviews; but in the end these are just my opinions. If you enjoy one of the packages that I rated low, then more power to you. Use what you like and be proud of it. I welcome dialog and disagreement, provided the discourse is civil. A location for comments on these reviews is provided at this blog entry.

A few people have already shared some good comments about the reviews, and Jerry has been quick to respond.

Via Biblical Studies and Technological Tools.

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Final “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (April 2008)

We’ve released ten final spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Jill Parr, Shannon Ethridge, one about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and others.

Listen to all 296 spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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Jeff Myers: Why Switch to the ESV?

Jeff at Wide Open talks about why he’s been studying and preaching from the ESV:

These are just a few of the reasons I choose to preach from the ESV. If you attend Living Hope Church, do you need to rush out and purchase another Bible? Absolutely not. Keep reading the Bible you love. But if you’re interested in checking out something new, I’d recommend giving the ESV a look. All the versions mentioned above are perfectly fine for devotional reading…. Many other churches across the nation are making the switch [to the ESV] as well.

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Online Audiobooks

Nan at Life Is Like a Lunchbox has an overview of free audiobooks on the web, including the ESV:

And last but absolutely not least, what would this list be without a reference to the greatest and most influential classic of them all which can be read and listened to in its entirety for free online? At esv.org you can both read and listen to the Bible, from cover to cover, for free. Simply click the chapter you want to read/hear and at the top of the passage click the word listen and it will automatically start playing. This is a wonderful, beautiful gift that ESV has given to us. Naturally, as a Christian I find explicit and unequivocal value in the reading or hearing of the Bible. However, even if you are not a Christian, the Bible has decidedly been one of the most, if not the most influential book in all of history for many reasons, including that it is the story from which much of ancient and modern literature has gleaned many of its plot-lines and therefore should be read by all as literature if nothing else. I remember even having to read portions of it for my Advanced Placement English class at my public high school.

You can listen to the ESV for free; you can also buy an MP3 download of the ESV (read by Max McLean) if you want to hear the Bible even when the Internet isn’t available.

Also, look for a new audio recording of the ESV this fall—online and on CD.

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