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Unboxing an ESV

Ben from openswitch unboxes his new ESV. (Unboxing involves taking photos of something you’ve just bought as you take it out of its box, then posting those photos on the web. Usually people unbox electronics.) A commenter on the post notes that these photos may be the first Bible unboxing photos on the Internet. (But see update below.)

Here are a few photos for you:

The Bible in its box. The title page. All done.

Photo credits: frotzed2@flickr.

Update: Rae points to these Bible unboxing photos from 2005.

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New “Bible for Life” Radio Spots (June 2007)

We’ve released ten new spots in the “Bible for Life” radio campaign. Each one-minute spot has someone reading a passage from the ESV and meditating on it.

This month features Josh Weidman, Zoro the drummer, one about Oswald Chambers, and others.

Listen to all the spots at www.bibleforlife.org.

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One Way to Keep Up with Your Bible Memorizing

Memorize it with your kids:

The best thing I ever did for my scripture memory routine was to start memorizing scripture with my 5 year old. Today was a big day because she just went through Psalm 1 by herself. It’s such a blessing hearing her speak the word of God at such a young age…

This has also done wonders for my own scripture memory for obvious reasons. Day in and day out I’m reading, explaining and reviewing scripture with her.

The blogger goes on to describe the mechanics of how he and his daughter memorize: first, she tries to recite the passage; they focus on making sure she knows the passages without putting too much emphasis on making progress; he explains some of the ideas or difficult language.

If you’re interested, go leave a comment on the post about how you memorize Scripture, especially if you memorize it with your kids.

In another post, the blogger talks about how he’s been studying Greek on his own for the past two months. He describes the two touchstones of his study so far:

1. My Greek study must be in addition to, not instead of my daily devotional reading and personal study. This means, in a practical sense, two things to me:This could easily become the case if I suppose that somehow i would be “doing Bible study” by studying Greek. That is not the case. Eventually the two will intersect but in the early stages I need to make sure my devotional reading and application of the Word is not hindered, after all I would be opposing the goal if that were to happen.

2. My Greek skills cannot be trusted. It’s been said that a little bit of Greek can be a dangerous thing. It can open your hermeneutic up to all kinds of problems. I must remember that I’m doing “baby Greek” and need to consult the experts for real exegetical questions instead of relying on my own Greek expertise.

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ESV Web Service Mashup: Topical Bible

OpenBible.info has created a Topical Bible Mashup of the ESV and Yahoo! web services. It currently has about 4,000 topics based on how people complete the question “What does the Bible say about…?” For example, what does the Bible say about marriage or divorce or sin?

Here’s how it works: they created the topic list with Yahoo’s Related Suggestions API and Firefox’s auto-complete feature. Then they used Yahoo’s Web Search API to find the most-relevant pages for each topic. Then they retrieved those pages and extracted the Bible references mentioned on each one, with the assumption that verses mentioned on several pages are presumably relevant to the topic.

The Topical Bible also lets you vote on which verses you find relevant or irrelevant (hover over the verses)—and suggest new ones. It adds new topics (using the Yahoo! and ESV APIs) as people search for them. Over time it should become more robust and relevant (in theory).

Does it actually work? On many topics, especially, popular ones, it does a pretty good job. It doesn’t work as well on more obscure topics or ones that the Bible really doesn’t have much to say (directly). In some ways it’s disconcerting to scan the topic list and learn what people really want to know about; some topics lay bare the reality of sin.

We should also emphasize the warning on the site that “the Bible isn’t a Magic 8-Ball or a fortune cookie.” You should use this or any topical Bible as only one aspect of your research on a topic. Always look at a verse in context; it might seem to say one thing, while in context it means something different.

Other online topical Bibles include What the Bible Says About… from Logos and the original Nave’s Topical Bible at CCEL.

Crossway staff assisted in the development of this resource, but it’s independent of Crossway.

Update: fixed typo.

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WordPress Plugin and Bible Memory Updates

Chris at Exploring the Mystery has updated the WordPress ESV Plugin, which automatically links Bible references in your blog to the ESV text. An important (but largely transparent) change is the adoption of a Bible-reference microformat to allow search engines and others to understand Bible references more semantically (and automatically).

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