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EBible.com Launches with the ESV

EBible.com, a Web-2.0-ish take on reading the Bible online, launched in early September 2006 with the ESV and several other translations. The site lets you tag verses, read a commentary, and compare passages in parallel translations.

Psalm 23 at eBible.com shows an outline of the Bible on the left with the text of the passage on the right.

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Increasing Interest in the ESV at Almond Branch Ministries

Christ Formed writes about the steadily increasing interest about the ESV:

What has been so very interesting to us is how during this time that we have seen a significant rise in the interest and searches regarding the ESV Bible. Our hits regarding the ESV have steadily increased so that we are experiencing hundreds of hits per week just to our “The ESV Bible” page and its corresponding articles and reviews. This may not seem like a lot to others, it most certainly does for us and we are extremely pleased to see this increase. We want to do a better job of presenting the ESV to others on our web site and even here on our blog. So, if anyone has any ideas in how we can do this, please email us or even leave ideas in our comments. We have also created an ESV page here as well which is essentially the same lead in page as our web site version.

While we have and continue to promote this translation throughout web site, use, writing, blogging, preaching and teaching, we also are not shy in presenting this translation to all of our friends and colleagues and anyone who will listen or at least patiently have a serious look. It is and continues to be a joy to see the increasing interest in what we believe is the best translation out there. Thank you Crossway and to all who had a hand in bringing us this wonderful translation.

We appreciate every site that mentions the ESV, whether you get hundreds of hits per week or only a few. (We’ve probably visited your blog if you’ve ever mentioned the ESV.) We also appreciate everyone who talks about the ESV to people they know in real life—from pastors who mention it from the pulpit to friends who bring it up in conversation. Thanks!

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Following a Cross Reference Trail

Dan at Charis shares his journey through the ESV cross references for a particular verse. He starts in Proverbs, heads through 1 Samuel, and ends up in Judges:

A soft answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger….

I’ve had all too many opportunities to witness the negative power of a harsh word, but the Nabal story takes this a step further by showing the chain of consequences. Nabal’s harsh word stirs up David’s anger, and David comes very close to doing a seriously foolish thing. As Abigail frames it, David’s anger could have harmed his rule later in life. We also see that God steps in to take care of the situation, bringing punishment on Nabal by His hand. Finally, Abigail offers a picture of a wisdom and discernment, and her intervention also illustrates that “a soft answer turns away wrath.” Reading 1 Samuel 25 reminds me that one of the ways to keep myself from the harsh word is to step back and consider the bigger picture, to imagine the chain of consequences that is likely to result from anger. Similarly, the few verses from Judges give me a clear picture of what a “soft answer” looks like—making it easier for me to apply.

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Using Different Editions Together

Brent talks about how he uses the Classic Thinline and Journaling Bibles (which share the same typesetting and thus match page-for-page) together:

I have always had a major conflict in my reading and studying the Bible—to write or not to write? I have a Bible I like to preach from. I actually have four copies of the same Bible. Two big and two small versions. They are all paginated the same, which is a great. For example, Matt 5:1 is in the exact same place in the big Bible as it is in the little Bible, very awesome for someone who remembers things by where they appear on the page. When I preach I leave the big Bible open to the main chapter I’m focusing on and range with the smaller one. I’m not sure if other Bibles or Versions (NKJV) do the pagination thing. So I bought two sets just in case they decide to stop making them or something.

Brent illuminates one of the advantages of reusing typesettings in different editions and sizes: you can transition between them easily.

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Under the Sky: Using the ESV Children’s Bible

The blogger at Under the Sky praises the ESV Children’s Bible:

They are ESV Children’s Bibles and are excellent! I never thought those words (about any children’s bible) would cross my lips. These are different altogether though than most because God’s word is not watered down as it is in many other children’s bibles. It is the real Bible, but with study helps for children, a clear, thorough and understandable section in the back that is so helpful! I could not believe it was available so I bought three for my oldest children.

We are now using their memory verse section in the back and I am being blessed by it. It has been too long since we have really endeavored to memorize God’s word here and we are starting afresh.

Learn more about the Children’s Bible.

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