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ESV #5 on CBA Bible Bestseller List for November 2006

Check out the latest Bible sales chart. It reflects September 2006 sales in many Christian bookstores across the U.S.

We’re not big stats-watchers ourselves, as it’s easy to overanalyze monthly changes. Part of the jump from the previous month (when the ESV wasn’t on the bestseller list) stems from the Spread the Word campaign, which offers a fifty-cent New Testament through Christian bookstores.

Thanks to emailer Mike for the tip.

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Add the ESV to Your Search Bar in Firefox 2.0

Here’s how to add the ESV to your list of search providers in the new Firefox 2.0:

  1. Go to http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/. The search bar in the upper right corner will change color slightly.
    The search bar in the upper right corner changes color to indicate that a search provider is available.
  2. Click the button next to the search bar.
    A dropdown menu appears.
  3. Choose “Add ESV Bible” from the dropdown menu.
    This action will add the ESV to your list of search providers.
  4. The ESV now appears in the list of possible search engines. If you ever want to remove it, just choose “Manage Search Engines…” from the same dropdown menu.
    The ESV is now accessible from anywhere on the Internet with just a few clicks.

We previously published a similar how-to for Internet Explorer 7. You can also still use the plugin for Firefox 1.5 (and earlier).

Amazingly, both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 use the same file format (OpenSearch) for their search plugins.

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Wide-Margin Reference Bibles Coming Spring 2007

The ESV Wide Margin Reference Bible is coming this spring. It looks very similar to the Classic Reference Bible (two columns of text, center-column cross-references) and has 1.25-inch margins. The words of Christ are in black; in other words, it’s not red-letter. Like the Single Column Reference Bible, it includes minor textual updates to the ESV text.

It comes in three formats to start: campus hardcover (with a binding and appearance similar to the black Pew and Worship Bible), regular hardcover, and black genuine leather.

Here are the rest of the specs:

  • 8.8-point type
  • 14,500-entry concordance
  • Words of Christ in black
  • Size: 6″ x 9″
  • Wide 1.25″ margins for notetaking
  • Over 80,000 cross-references in the center column
  • Free CD-ROM request card included
  • Not thumb-indexed
  • The Campus format features a binding similar to the Pew and Worship Bibles
  • The inside is the same as the Classic Reference Bible with slightly smaller type
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Single Column Reference Bibles Coming January 2007

Crossway has announced the first of two new ESV editions that are coming out early next year: the Single Column Reference Bible.

This Bible features a single column of text, over 80,000 cross-references on the inside margins, and verse-by-verse layout instead of paragraphs. In other words, each verse begins on a new line. It incorporates the minor textual updates from the ESV Translation Oversight Committee meeting in 2005. Crossway designed this Bible especially for pastors and others who want to find a verse quickly.

It comes in four editions to start: Hardcover, TruTone, Genuine Leather, and Premium Calfskin Leather, ranging in price from $34.99 to $195.

Below is what a page looks like, or download a sample (pdf) of several pages in Matthew.

Matthew 1:18-2:11 shows each verse beginning on a new line with cross references on the inside margin.

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Thinline Regency Bible Now Available

The ESV Thinline Regency Bible (Tapestry Design) is now available. It has a fabric cover and with its gilded page edges resembles a journal. It looks like other Classic Thinline Bibles inside.

The cover looks like part of a tapestry.

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