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BibleWorks 7 ESV Update Available

Using the new BibleWorks 7? We recommend that you update the ESV files to the latest version, which contains all the cross references in the printed Classic Reference Edition. (In BibleWorks, choose Help > BibleWorks on the Internet > Check for updates > English Standard Version Update.)

Via a comment on Between Two Worlds.

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Sharing Bibles with Students

Christina Kirk blogs:

My students are the best. I give out good behaviour tickets to them when they behave in class and they can use those like money to buy things. They are usually simple things. A free homework assignment. Use of a pen on any assignment they choose. If they really save up for a long time, I’ll even let them buy a CD with parental permission.

What I didn’t expect was to have some of the students to ask me if they could buy a Bible with those tickets. I bought an ESV Bible not that long ago and I use it in class on a daily basis. They love it when I read from that Bible. It started with one student. He asked if he could buy a Bible with tickets. But it didn’t end there. By the end of the day, my five students out of twelve wanted new ESV Bibles. It did my heart proud. I am so pleased to hear them actually want to read the Word.

Even some of my students who didn’t have the tickets paid for it with money. One didn’t have the money either, but I wasn’t going to deny him the right to hold the Word of God in his hands. I dedicated each Bible to each of my students, placed a Bible verse reference that was different on each of their Bibles, and said a prayer as I gave it to them. I prayed that even though I won’t be here next year because the school board didn’t renew my contract, that they would remain faithful to God’s Word. That parents, teachers, and their pastors would continue to help them grow in the knowledge of the saving grace found in Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross. I pray that they will come to remember their Baptism daily and come to the Lord’s Supper for the forgiveness of their sins. I may never know what will come of what God has planted here through me, but I pray that it does grow, for the sake of my students whom I would like to see in heaven, especially if I never see them again here on earth.

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New Endorsement from Grant R. Osborne

We’ve added a new endorsement to the Endorsements page:

“I recommend the ESV as the best literal translation for Bible study in my hermeneutics class and in Bible study seminars. Congratulations on a job well done.”
Dr. Grant R. Osborne
Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois)
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Sharing the ESV at a Wedding

Aaron in Missouri sends along the following email:


I just recently discovered the ESV and love it. I just wanted to share with you a way that I am sharing it with others. I am getting married next week, and in my groomsmen gift bags, I am including an ESV Gospel of John to pass on the knowledge of and richness of this wonderful translation.

Let us know (or blog about it) if you have a unique way of distributing the ESV; we might share your idea with our readers.

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Visualizing Cross References

Jim Darlack posts about showing Bible cross references graphically using a scatter plot (via Logos Bible Software Blog).

We thought we’d share with you what a few such visualizations would look like.

Old Testament Citations in the New Testament

This chart shows, at a verse level, where the New Testament cites the Old Testament. You can see clusters in the Law, Psalms, Isaiah, and Minor Prophets.

Chart showing New Testament citations of the Old Testament, with the NT on the y-axis and the OT on the x-axis

See a large (3200-pixel-wide) version of the above chart.

All Cross References

The below chart shows all 80,000 cross references found in the ESV Classic Reference Edition.

These cross references come in four types, which appear in different colors on the chart:

  1. Direct citations (red)
  2. References to words and phrases (gray)
  3. Thematic references (blue)
  4. Less-direct references (green)

Most cross references point to nearby passages: thus the central axis. You can particularly see lots of cross references in the Psalms (near the middle of the chart) and the New Testament (the upper right). Revelation references to Genesis are in the upper left.

The chart is largely symmetrical, which you’d expect in a good cross reference system: referenced verses should (for the most part) point to the verses referring to them.

Chart showing New Testament citations of the Old Testament, with the NT on the y-axis and the OT on the x-axis

See a large (3200-pixel-wide) version of the above chart. Also download a layered Photoshop file (.psd, 12 MB). You need Adobe Photoshop to open it.

Want More?

Download the data behind these charts. This zip file also contains the PHP file we used to generate the plot.

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