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$5 Festschrifts including Free Shipping on Case Quantities

Fest·schrift |ˈfes(t)ˌSHrift | noun
a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar.

Over the years, Crossway has had the privelege to publish several festschrifts in honor of Christian teachers and scholars —Liberal Arts for the Christian Life (for Leland Ryken) and Art as Spiritual Perception (for John Walford) are among our most recent projects. This next week on Crossway.org you can pick up one or both of the festschrifts written in honor of Drs. John Piper and D. A. Carson at a significant discount (while inventory lasts).

Purchase For the Fame of God’s Name (in honor of Piper) or Understanding the Times (in honor of Carson) before June 18th for $5.00 per copy. 

If you buy a case quantity of either title, we’ll cover the shipping: 

  • For the Fame of God’s Name: 18 books for $90 and free shipping
  • Understanding the Times: 16 books for $80 and free shipping

To receive free shipping on cases, add the specified quantity to your cart and select UPS Ground shipping. The shipping cost will clear to $0 after this shipping selection is made. Sale available only in the United States through Tuesday, June 18, 2013. Purchase of both books is not required to receive the special price. Not available for resell.


For the Fame of God’s Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper

For the Fame of God's Name coverJohn Piper has had a profound impact on countless men and women over his nearly thirty years of ministry. From his online ministry with Desiring God to his preaching ministry at Bethlehem Baptist to his writing ministry in over thirty books, his faithful service has encouraged and challenged many with God’s Word.

Piper’s influence does not stem from his own abilities and accomplishments, but finds its source in his consistent and humble leading of others to Scripture, where the breathtaking glory of God is displayed in all its wonder. We rejoice and are changed as we encounter glorious truths about God in Piper’s ministry.

It is in this spirit that friends and colleagues of Piper, including Wayne Grudem, D. A. Carson, Randy Alcorn, and others, honor him by presenting essays covering topics central to his ministry: prayer, the sovereignty of God, justification, Jonathan Edwards, Christian Hedonism, and more.

Pastors, scholars, and lay leaders will benefit from this tribute to a man who has labored so faithfully for the fame of God’s name.

Learn more | Preview an excerpt (Including complete list of contributors and topics)

Understanding the Times: Essays in Honor of D. A. Carson

Understanding the Times CoverIn our rapidly changing, postmodern culture, we desperately need men who understand the times and know what we ought to do. D. A. Carson is such a man. Renowned as a gifted speaker, writer, theologian, and pastor, Carson has written extensively and persuasively on a wide range of topics and has been a defender of the modern evangelical faith.

In appreciation of Carson’s life work, editors Andreas J. Köstenberger and Robert Yarbrough have assembled a team of contributors, including Stanley Porter, Grant Osborne, Mark Dever, John Woodbridge, Douglas Moo, Peter O’Brien, Eckhard Schnabel, Craig Blomberg, and David Pao, together to produce this volume of essays on New Testament studies in modern times. The book is divided into three parts: New Testament Studies and Ancillary Disciplines, Special Topics in New Testament Studies, and New Testament Studies Around the World. Pastors, professors, and students will benefit not only from the example of a man who understands the times, but also from the high quality of scholarship and wide variety of topics covered in this volume.

Learn more | Preview an excerpt (Including complete list of contributors and topics)

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Weekly Ebook Special: Featuring Books on The Great Commission, Evangelism, and Missions

This Saturday marks the beginning of The Gospel Coalition’s, World Missions PreConference, featuring discussions led by missionaries, pastors, and other church leaders on how we can each play our part in the Great Commission.

Whether you’re making the trip to Orlando or not, we’ve pulled together a sale on several recent Crossway books on the the great commission, evangelism and missions to aid your study on these important topics.

To learn more about each title, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org or search at any of these online stores: AmazonChristianbook.com, Vyrso, eChristian, Bookshout!, Barnes & Noble, or a participating independent bookstores.

Discounted prices available through 4/8/2013.

Featured Titles:

Finish the Mission

Finish the Mission

Edited by John Piper, David Mathis

$12.99 $5.99

Contributors including David Platt, Louie Giglio, and John Piper join forces to compel Christians to cross cultural and linguistic barriers to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups with the gospel.

What is the Mission of the Church

What is the Mission of the Church?

By Kevin DeYoung, Greg Gilbert

$12.99 $5.99

DeYoung and Gilbert help us slow down and think carefully about what the church is sent into the world to do. Looking at the Bible’s teaching, they explore the what, why, and how of the church’s mission for today.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism

By Mark Dever

$7.99 $3.99

In The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Dr. Mark Dever seeks to answer the four basic questions about evangelism that many Christians ask: Who should we evangelize? How should we evangelize? What is evangelism? Why should we evangelize? In his answers Dever draws on New Testament truths and helps believers apply those truths in practical ways. As readers understand the fundamentals of evangelism, they will begin to develop a culture of evangelism in their lives and their local churches.

Risk is Right

Risk is Right

By John Piper, Foreword by David Platt

$5.99 $1.99

Helping Christians put their faith into action and live for more than comfort, Piper offers this stand-alone edition of chapter 5 from his best-selling book Don’t Waste Your Life. He teaches us to choose risk for the cause of Christ, the fulfillment of our joy, and the good of others.

Rid of My Disgrace

Rid of My Disgrace

By Justin S. Holcomb, Lindsey A. Holcomb

$12.99 $0.99

*Featured in honor of April, Sexual Assualt Awareness Month.*

A compassionate and hopeful resource to help adult victims of sexual assault move from brokenness to healing. This book outlines a theology or redemption and includes an application of how the disgrace of the cross can lead victims toward grace.

See also Justin’s new book: On the Grace of God

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Ebook Special: “50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” for $0.99

In his book 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, John Piper writes:

“When all is said and done, the most crucial question is: Why? Why did Jesus come to die?

“Not why in the sense of cause, but why in the sense of purpose. What did Christ achieve by his death? Why did he have to suffer so much? What great thing was happening on Calvary for the world?”

In preparation for Easter, we’ve discounted Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die. Today through Good Friday (March 27–29), buy the ebook for only $0.99 from any of our distribution partners (ChristianBook.com, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, echristian.com, participating independent stores, etc.).

In this brief video John Piper talks about the book:

Also on Sale:

Get the newly released ebook, Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? for $4.99 or less (retail price $13.99). Download the ebook through any participating distribution partners (ChristianBook.com, Amazon, echristian.com, your local independent stores, etc.).

About the Book

How can a respected scientist believe in the resurrection?
Can I trust the Bible’s account that Jesus actually rose from the dead?
If the resurrection really occurred, of what importance is it to you and me?

Our ready embrace of the authority of science has left many doubting that Jesus’s resurrection was a verifiable, historical event. Yet Thomas Miller, an experienced scientist and well-respected surgeon, challenges the notion that modern medicine has disproved the possibility of the resurrection.

Through careful investigation of the evidence and evaluation of its reliability, Dr. Miller demonstrates that science and religion are not incompatible and makes a compelling case for the reality of the resurrection.

NOTE: ebook discounts will not be available on Crossway.org


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