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Weekly Ebook Specials: Defining, Defending, and Living out the Gospel

Galatians exists for grace.

So says pastor Todd Wilson, author of the newest Preaching the Word volume—Galatians: Gospel-rooted Living. As evidenced by the subtitle, Wilson’s commentary unpacks how the Christian life is entirely rooted in the gospel of grace.

For this week’s ebook specials, we thought it fitting to feature several Crossway books that help us define, defend, and live out this great gospel of grace.

To learn more about each title, click on the covers below to find them at Crossway.org. You’ll also find the ebooks at their reduced prices on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshout, Christianbook.com, eChristian, ibooks (apple), Vyrso, or your participating independent bookstore’s site. Discounted prices available through 7/22/2013.*

Featured New Release:

Galatians: Gospel-rooted Living

Galatians: Gospel-rooted Living

 By Todd A. Wilson, Series edited by R. Kent Hughes

Paul’s letter to the Galatians provides key insights into salvation and the nature of grace. Drawing on years of pastoral ministry, Wilson leads readers through the book’s major themes with exegetical clarity and theological care. A Preaching the Word commentary.

Learn more | Preview an excerpt | Buy now

This Week’s Ebook Specials:

Gospel Wakefulness

Gospel Wakefulness

By Jared C. Wilson, Foreword by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

$12.99 $2.99

Wilson’s book will stir churches to live out the power of the gospel with a fervent, genuine zeal. Pastors, church leaders, and all in ministry, especially those who are tired or discouraged, will be uplifted, emboldened, and empowered by this book.

No Other Gospel: 31 Reasons from Galatians Why Justification by Faith Alone Is the Only Gospel

No Other Gospel: 31 Reasons from Galatians Why Justification by Faith Alone Is the Only Gospel

By Josh Moody

$13.99 $2.99

Stemming from a series of sermons delivered to his church, pastor Josh Moody presents the gospel of justification by faith alone, as proclaimed in Galatians. He examines thirty-one reasons Paul gives for this gospel.

What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel?

 By Greg Gilbert, Foreword by D. A. Carson

$9.99 $1.99

This contribution to the IXMarks series presents a straightforward statement of the gospel. Author Greg Gilbert guides both Christians and non-Christians to the Bible as we gain a clear understanding of the central message of God’s Word.

The Gospel and Scripture

The Gospel and Scripture: How to Read the Bible

 By Mike Bullmore, Series edited by D. A. Carson, Timothy Keller

$2.99 $0.99

A pastor outlines the relationship between the gospel and all of Scripture and suggests helpful strategies for reading and interpreting the Bible correctly. A Gospel Coalition Booklet.

The Plan

The Plan

By Mike Bullmore, Series edited by D. A. Carson, Timothy Keller

$2.99 $0.99

God has a perfect plan for the world, found in the Bible and centering around his promise to bring sinners to eternal life. Colin Smith traces God’s plan through the making and fulfillment of the promise. A Gospel Coalition Booklet.


Coming Up Next Week: Resources for Pastors

*Note: Some discounts may be unavailable outside the United States due to international rights agreements.

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Journey to Joy – Launch Week Special

“True happiness comes from within.” At least that’s what our culture tells us while beating the drum of self-esteem as the route to real joy.

But what if this is wrong? What if true joy comes not from within, but from without? What if it comes from God himself?

Embedded in the Bible is a little-known guidebook to the lasting joy we long for. The Psalms of Ascent—a set of 15 Psalms that share honestly about the heights and the depths of life while celebrating the faithfulness of God.

In Journey to Joy, pastor Josh Moody helps us to engage and explore Psalms 120 – 134, offering practical counsel, perceptive insights, and personal experience as a fellow pilgrim on the joy-filled journey to the father heart of God.

To celebrate the book’s release, we’re pleased to offer the digital edition for only $0.99 through Monday April 29. You will find the discounted ebook on Crossway.org and participating ebook distributors.

Preview an excerpt from the book

Download a PDF of the excerpt

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