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2 Corinthians (Preaching the Word)

2 Corinthians (Preaching the Word): Web App + Ebook

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About 2 Corinthians (Preaching the Word)

During Paul's ministry, Corinth was a newly rebuilt, bustling, important city in the Roman Empire. It was a place full of pride, individualism, wealth, and religious pluralism. No wonder its inhabitants held little regard for Paul's message!

Sound familiar? Our contemporary culture has much in common with ancient Corinth. The relevance of this book to churches today is astounding. Paul delivers powerful theology that turns the values of the ancient Roman world upside-down-the grace of God, the centrality of the cross, and God's power made perfect in weakness. He challenges us to live counterculturally.

This web app is integrated with, a free online Bible where visitors can read Scripture and listen to audio recordings of the ESV Bible. By signing up for a free account users can record their own notes, highlight and share verses, and unlock additional study resources, similar to 2 Corinthians and the many other Preaching the Word web apps. 

The 2 Corinthians web app also comes with free access to the e-book files for the volume, available on a user’s “virtual bookshelf.”


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Published: March 01, 2013

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